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The Miraculous Legacy Continues on With Dr. Jenee Scott, Pastor




The Miraculous Foundation Christian Church at 1642 Fruitvale Ave. in Oakland enters into a special period continuing to build and honor the legacy of their founders now that co-pastor Dr. Patricia Scott passed away unexpectedly in 2019.

“It’s a new season,” said Dr. Jenee Scott, when we spoke after service this past Sunday as the world around us was acknowledging and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his national holiday.

Preaching her uplifting sermon, Dr. Scott said, “We must expect the Glory of God in our lives; go out into the world and give people hope.”

She spoke of the choice we have to dwell on the negative or the positive in our lives – to reach out to others and bring them to the flock, or only to focus on ourselves.

The mission of Miraculous Foundation was started by her parents and she never dreamed she and her dear departed sister, Patricia would become co-pastors. They have built the church, and now Dr. Jenee Scott is committed to sustain and grow it to honor their legacy.

“Our mission is to fill the minds and thoughts of people with God’s anointed word, to evangelize the lost, to perfect and edify believers for the work of the ministry, and to teach Kingdom principles for living,” says the mission statement on the website.

The church continues with adult, youth and children’s ministries, community outreach activities, and the praise and worship ministry. Dr. Scott is committed to grow the flock.

The Spirit moved in the sanctuary on Sunday, and among those present was a peaceful enthusiasm and grace.

A perfect example of that was demonstrated by member and San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Butler, who came to worship on her birthday. She has a formidable commute to her job – and to her church – but was clearly in the right place and laden with gift bags acknowledging her special day. She glowed with grace and commitment.

“It is still hard. I miss my sister, but I know she is at peace,” said Dr. Scott. And as she preached, she reminded all present that joining with the congregation brings “a corporate anointing that the Spirit of God gives us as we come together.” Dr. Scott invites everyone to come.

Asking Dr. Scott about the wonderful “Majestic Motown Soul Revue,” last performed March of 2019, she said it will likely be presented again this year in the holiday season.

For more information, go to:, or come any Sunday and join the 10:00 a.m. worship service.



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