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Williams Chapel Baptist Church, Community Groups and Family Join Rev. Dr. Kenneth Anderson to Celebrate His 8th Anniversary




On Sunday, September 22, 2019, well over 200 people gathered at Williams Chapel Baptist Church in Oakland, to celebrate their young, gifted Pastor on his eight anniversary.
The worship service in the morning and the appreciation banquet following, were joyous expressions of thankfulness for Dr. Anderson’s work. The intergenerational audience consisting of members, friends, family and guests from community groups and other Bay Area churches repeated the refrain…”we will keep you here as long as we can. Praise the Lord.”

Dr. Anderson started preaching, “when he was 7 years old,” said a beloved family member, and both during the service and the banquet, expressions of joy were abundant.
County Supervisor Wilma Chan and Congresswoman Barbara Lee sent staff to present commendations. The Oakland branch of the NAACP and District 2 council staff acknowledged Dr. Anderson’s hard work for the community. The NAACP’s Antoinette Clark thanked the church for welcoming chapter meetings twice a month.

Williams Chapel is the first of four congregations this year providing overnight parking for car-dwelling homeless in Oakland and has consistently worked with government offices to provide affordable housing. Ultimately, the church will build housing on their property, along with street level service entities.

A deep commitment by Dr. Anderson led him to help his grandfather close his auto service business on Foothill Boulevard for building more housing in Oakland. The Anderson family celebrated in full force throughout the day.

“We will focus on home and on our senior preachers,” said Dr. Anderson as he invited retired pastor Rev. Dr. T.P. Fields, of Foothill Baptist Church to preach during the service. Clearly multi-generational love and commitment are part of his service, and church ministries expressed deep love and support for their Pastor.



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