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    As the first-ranked and highest respected Black sportsman, Bill Russell used his status to lead the nation’s leading Black athletes which included Jim Brown, Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and many others to support Muhammad Ali’s stance against the Vietnam War.
    Activism14 hours ago

    IN MEMORIAM: Oakland’s Own Bill Russell, 88, Greatest Athlete/Civil Rights Activist Ever (Part 1)

    Photos courtesy of Ella Baker Center, photography by Brooke Anderson
    Activism5 days ago

    Over 500 Attend Police-Free Event to Reimagine Safety in Oakland

    Digital Issues6 days ago

    Oakland Post: Week of August 3 – August 9, 2022

    #NNPA BlackPress6 days ago

    Brittney Griner Sentenced to More than 9 years in Russian Prison

    The City Council established a task force to discuss the racial issues involved in construction and the possibility of a Project Labor Agreement. The task force included some community members, including the publisher of the Oakland Post, and was mandated to address racial discrimination first.
    Activism6 days ago

    OPINION: Are We About to See the Permanent Exclusion of Most Black People from Construction Jobs in Oakland?

    #NNPA BlackPress6 days ago

    Report: Human Rights Violations in Prisons Throughout Southern United States Cause Disparate and Lasting Harm in Black Communities  

    #NNPA BlackPress6 days ago

    Celebrate your birthday with 10 free items

    #NNPA BlackPress7 days ago

    Vice President Harris Addresses NAACP Convention; Urges Black Voter Participation

    #NNPA BlackPress7 days ago

    Biden Administration Announces Steps to Lower Electricity Bills for Residents in HUD Programs

    #NNPA BlackPress7 days ago

    Police Force and Top Officials Resign in Kenly, North Carolina After City Council Hires Black Women as Town Manager

    #NNPA BlackPress1 week ago

    Biden-Harris Administration Announce New Actions to Address Mental Health in Schools

    #NNPA BlackPress1 week ago

    Will Smith Issues Apology to Chris Rock and Family for Oscars Slap

    #NNPA BlackPress1 week ago

    Emory University Announces the first African American Studies Ph.D. Program in the U.S. Southeast

    #NNPA BlackPress1 week ago

    PRESS ROOM: Autism influencer Jeremiah Josey releases a new book about his experience as a Black man with autism

    #NNPA BlackPress1 week ago

    IN MEMORIAM: Basketball Legend Bill Russell Dies at 88