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Raiders Fall To Chiefs 26-10




Oakland, CA – It wasn’t the performance you expected when this same team tied the Denver Broncos for first place last week in the AFC West. But the Raiders 26-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs today, is just one game with plenty of room to improve. FB Spencer Ware dominated Oakland’s defense when he ran for a career-high 131 yards and a touchdown.



“Tough day,” said SLB Bruce Irvin. “Got to continue to battle and get back to work. We’ve been inconsistent but it’s only week six! It’s a long season. We got ten more games, anything can happen. We know its a marathon not a sprint. We got a long way to go but I am still confident we can turn this around defensively.”


“We were outplayed and out coached,” Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said. “It’s one game. Good or bad we’re moving on.”


Oakland got off to a great start on opening drive but was unable to pick up that momentum again. The Chiefs defense ranked seventeenth in the league shutdown Oakland’s offense for the remainder of the game. Sebastian Janikowski missed a 52-yard field goal in the first that would’ve made no difference as Kansas City scored three more touchdowns.


Despite the rain, the Raiders got off to a great start when Jalen Richard returned a 50-yard punt setting up good field position for Oakland. Derek Carr connected with Amari Cooper on three completed passes before finding Andre Holmes in the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown.


“It hurts. Especially a division game, especially against the Chiefs,” said Carr. “We didn’t do good enough at all. I mean, that was bad. That was a bad performance by us.”


After the Raiders got the ball back due to phenomenal defense on the Chiefs early, Carr’s pass intended for Michael Crabtree was intercepted by Marcus Peters. Both defenders were wide open, while Crabtree lost footing on the play. The turnover led to Spencer Ware’s 2-yard touchdown tying the game 7-7.


From the there, the ballgame belonged solely to Kansas City. Jamaal Charles had a 4-yard touchdown to extend the Chiefs lead 14-7. Thanks to two missed field goals by Cairo Santos, Oakland was able to add on three before the half when Janikowski kicked a 46-yard field goal trimming the lead 13-10.


“The line did a great job moving the ball up field,” Charles said. “Ware did a great job running the ball. [Charcandrick] West did a great job when he was in there. So we all complemented each other and we all fed off each other’s energy.”


But by the third, Kansas City took control once again behind Ware when he broke through tackles for a 45-yard run that setup the 1-yard touchdown by Dontari Poe. From there it was a sloppy performance from the Raiders who couldn’t convert on third downs nor prevent the Chiefs from scoring.


While Oakland’s defense held Kansas City to two field goals in the fourth. The Raiders struggled collectively on both offense and defense. No simple explanation other than, no execution, and poor play. Once film is reviewed on Monday, Del Rio will have answers to a lot that went wrong today.


“We’re not playing very well right now,” said Del Rio. “We’re capable of more. We have to teach it better. We have to learn it better and we have to do it better. It’s nowhere near what it needs to be. You know, 13-10 at halftime, not really playing that well, but right in it. Then come out and let them go right down the field to start the second half. That’s a major can’t do. They beat us today. They earned that one game.”

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Bay Area

City Reacts as A’s Threaten to Leave

The A’s said on Tuesday said they will start looking into relocating with the backing of Major League Baseball.




Mount Davis Oakland with Fans/Wikimedia

The Oakland Athletics made a public threat this week to leave Oakland if  the City Council does not accept their latest proposal by the end of June to build a baseball stadium and huge real estate complex at the Howard Terminal at the Port of Oakland.

The A’s said on Tuesday said they will start looking into relocating with the backing of Major League Baseball.

 A’s owner John Fisher said in a statement,  “The future success of the A’s depends on a new ballpark. Oakland is a great baseball town, and we will continue to pursue our waterfront ballpark project. We will also follow MLB’s direction to explore other markets.”

 A’s President Dave Kaval told the Associated Press on Tuesday, “I think it’s something that is kind of a once-a-generational opportunity to reimagine the waterfront. We’re going to continue to pursue that, and we’re still hopeful that that could get approved, but we have to be realistic about where we are with the timelines.”

Many residents are angry at the A’s aggressive stance, especially since the team’s new proposal is vague on details and puts the city and its residents on the hook for nearly one billion dollars in infrastructure improvements plus over $400 million in community benefits the A’s have pledged but instead would be handed off to taxpayers. 

Reflecting the reaction of some residents, Tim Kawakami, editor-in-chief of the SF Bay Area edition of The Athletic,  tweeted, “I just don’t see the municipal validation in kowtowing to a billionaire who won’t spend much of his own money to build a new stadium that will make him many more billions.”

Mayor Libby Schaaf says she is open to the A’s proposal, and Council members  want more details on its financial impact  on the city and its taxpayers, 

Councilmember Loren Taylor told the Oakland Post in an interview: “We know they are looking for alternative locations. It is something that has to be factored in. Our commitment is to  work to keep the A’s in Oakland but to do it in way that protects the interests of the city  and is  the best deal for the people of Oakland.”

Said Councilmember Treva Reid:

“My commitment will always be to the residents of East Oakland and ensuring strong community benefits and economic development.  I appreciate the contribution of the Athletics … However, the Council must have an adequate amount of time to thoroughly evaluate their proposed offer to ensure Oakland residents receive a fair, transparent  and equitable deal.” 

In her statement, Mayor Schaaf, who has long been a backer of the A’s real estate development near Jack London Square,  said, “We share MLB’s sense of urgency and their continued preference for Oakland. Today’s statement makes clear that the only viable path to keeping the A’s rooted in Oakland is a ballpark on the waterfront.

“Now, with the recent start of financial discussions with the A’s, we call on our entire community — regional and local partners included — to rally together and support a new, financially viable, fiscally responsible, world class waterfront neighborhood that enhances our city and region and keeps the A’s in Oakland where they belong.”

Major media outlets,  often  boosters  of super- expensive urban developments, are unenthusiastic about the A’s proposal and the team’s pressure on the city to go along with its demands.  

In an article, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Scott Ostler wrote, “Get the message, Oakland? Vote to approve the A’s plan and commit to kicking in $855 million for infrastructure for the A’s new ballpark and surrounding village around Howard Terminal or kiss your lovable little baseball team goodbye.

“It’s called power politics, folks.”

In an editorial, the Mercury News and the East Bay Times wrote,” The team has thrown down a greedy and opaque demand that the city of Oakland approve a $12 billion residential and commercial waterfront development project that happens to include a new ballpark — and requires a massive taxpayer subsidy.

“If that’s the best the A’s can offer, the city should let them go.”

Ray Bobbitt of the African American Sports and Entertainment Group told the Oakland Post, “These are bully tactics. You either give me the money or I’m leaving. I don’t think that’s the way to work with the community.

“Do it in a way that’s respectful of the people. If you want to play hardball, I don’t think it’s a tactic that works these days.”

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Raiders lose final home game to Jaguars 20-16




Oakland – A touchdown in the final minutes silenced the sold out crowd.  They deserved so much more but instead sat in disbelief.  Their team was not only playing their final home game of the season but this was the last game to be played at the Oakland Coliseum.  The Raiders will be moving into their new home in Sin City next season.

“I’d like to say we could’ve sent the Raiders fans off with a lot better finish that that,” said head coach Jon Gruden.  “I think most importantly, before we talk about the game, I’d like to thank the fans.  I’d like to thank the city of Oakland for supporting the Raiders and being faithful in all kinds of seasons.  I’ll miss them.  I love them and I’m sorry about the outcome today, but I think that’s something that needs to be said. An exclamation point.  I really apologize that we weren’t able to deliver a victory.  I‘m proud of our team’s hustle and effort.  We had numerous opportunities to make a play there in the ballgame, but we didn’t do it.”

Photo by Eric Taylor

Oakland’s 20-16 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars was the nail in the coffin to a season that seemed promising.  A win today would’ve kept the Raiders in the hunt for the playoffs with two teams (Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns) losing today. The defeat was felt across the entire stadium as well as with the players who wanted to leave behind so much more.  

“I feel really bad about not ending this game and homestead on a note that the fans wanted,” TE Darren Waller said.  “It’s more about the city and every person that’s involved.  You want to win and go out on a high note, but at the same time, I still love the team.  The execution has to be better, but it’s more so about all the people involved and wanting to go out on a high note. That’s what I feel bad about.”

Oakland maintained the lead almost the entire game, until the final two minutes.  Daniel Carlson’s attempt at two field goals were no good.  The first attempt for 50 yards, he missed and there was a flag on the play.  The next attempt for 45 yards went far left.  The Jaguars took over with 1:44 left on the clock.  Eight plays and 65 yards ended with Gardner Minshew II connecting with Chris Conley for a 40-yard touchdown to secure their win.

You could hear a pin drop throughout the stadium.  The Raiders had a great start, on opening drive Derek Carr went deep with a 40-yard touchdown pass to Tyrell Williams for a quick 7-0 lead.  But unable to score in the end zone, Carlson kicked three field goals for 33, 34 and 27 yards in the first half for a 16-3 lead. It looked like Oakland had everything under control and the fans were happy.

Photo by Eric Taylor

But by the second half, the Raiders offense didn’t score and struggled moving the chains.  This was the second straight game were Oakland was scoreless in the second half.   Yet, they’ve scored on the games opening drive in four contests this season.  There were plenty of opportunities for the Raiders offense but they seem to fall short.

“Really three possessions is all we had,” said Gruden.  “I think we had one possession start at our 2-yard line.  We did a good job with it.  Moved it out of our territory, and I think on a fourth down and maybe a yard, a little over a yard I chose to punt. 

I think we had 20 first downs and they had two at the time.  I don’t regret it.  I do now, but I didn’t regret it at the time.  We had another possession that we just came up short on.  The end of the ball game I thought we managed pretty good.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to put points on the board.  We mishandled a pass and Jacksonville went the distance to beat us.”

On the final two plays Carr went deep with “Hail Mary” passes that ended up out of bounds.  A poor ending for any game.  The crowd began to boo loudly.  A different reaction from last year’s finale when the city of Oakland thought the Raiders played their final game at the Coliseum.  Fans were dancing on the dugouts, in their seats and chanting “RAIDERS”!  Today’s game ended with fans throwing objects on the field and booing as players ran off the field.  A terrible ending to a decade of football played in Oakland.  Former players also came out for the final game, including Charles Woodson who lit the Al Davis memorial torch before the game.  

Photo by Eric Taylor

“Its disappointing not to come out on top,” Woodson said.  “It was a game we felt like we had under wraps but it didn’t come out the way we wanted it to.  But the message is these are young guys, this is a young team, they’ll fight and keep getting better and I’m looking forward to seeing their progress throughout the years.

It was special, to be the guy Mark Davis wanted to light the torch for Al Davis, and we know what Davis meant to the NFL and the Oakland Raiders.  he is the Oakland Raiders!  It was really special to be that guy.”

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Raiders playoffs hopes fall short after loss to Titans




Oakland, CA – The Raiders playoffs hopes diminished after losing their third straight game.  Today’s game was a must win to stay in the AFC hunt and now it will take almost a miracle for things to turnaround in their favor.  The loss today was pretty ugly, Oakland’s offense collapsed in the second half after a great start. 

The Tennessee Titans 42-21 victory over the Raiders moved them into a tie in the AFC South with Houston.  After an early turnover, the Titans matched Derek Car and his offense the entire first half.  On Tennessee’s opening drive, Ryan Tannehill’s intended pass for Corey Davis was tipped by Dion Jordan and intercepted by Maurice Hurst who rushed it back for 55 yards.

“It was a good play by Dion,” said Hurst.  “He hit the ball up, it got up in the air and I was able to make a play on it and get some yardage.  I was hoping (for a touchdown).  I looked to my right, didn’t see anybody, but I guess the quarterback came back and made a good play.”

Tannehill was credited for the tackle on Hurst to prevent the touchdown.  But that play setup DeAndre Washington’s 14-yard touchdown making it a 7-0 game.  The Titans clapped back with Derrick Henry’s 12-yard touchdown to tie the game 7-7.  And Tannehill wasn’t done yet, he went deep to start the second quarter with a 91-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Brown to extend their lead 14-7.  That was Tannehill’s longest completion in his eight year career.

“It was a lack of execution, said LB Tahir Whitehead.  “That’s what’s been hurting us the last few weeks.  Tackling, getting the ball on the ground, yards after the carry, yards after the catch.  We just didn’t do a good enough job of getting them on the ground today and staying on top of the routes.  It’s been the same thing that’s hurt as pretty much all year.  We didn’t go a good enough job of tightening up on that stuff today.”

Carr went deep to Rico Gafford for a 49-yard touchdown tying the game again 14-14.  Then Tannehill connected with Brown again for a 16-yard touchdown to extend their lead 21-14.  With 45 seconds left in the quarter, Carr found Darren Waller for a 25 yard pass, that setup Carr’s 1-yard touchdown pass to Foster Moreau tying the game 21-21.  Tennessee’s final attempt to score failed when kicker Ryan Succop missed a 42-yard field goal to end the half.

By the third, Oakland’s offense was completely shutdown.  Henry rushed up the middle for a 10-yard touchdown breaking the tie, making it a  28-21 game.  Tannehill went deep to Jonnu Smith in the fourth for a 17-yard touchdown extending their lead 35-21.  When the Raiders found good field position Waller fumbled the ball after getting hit Tye Smith, Jayon Brown recovered the ball and rushed for a 46-yard touchdown making it a 42-21 game.  

“You’re not going to beat anybody like that,” head coach Jon Gruden said.  “We gave up a 90-yard touchdown pass.  We missed the tackles.  They missed a field goal at the end of the first half.  They would’ve had three more points.  We’ll take a good look at it.  A lot of it had to do with their ability to make plays.  They made some unbelievable catches and throws and we didn’t today.”

“We did put ourselves in a position to make a run,” said Carr.  “We didn’t do it.  It is just as simple as that right.”

The Titans finished the day with almost 600 yards and 26 first downs.  It was the Raiders third lose to a team with 21 or more points.  They drop to 1-2 against AFC South opponents this season and 42-38 (.525) all-time against the division.  The final home game will be next Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Oakland will finish the season on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos.

Notes:  Raiders Again Embrace My Cause My Cleats Campaign

For the fourth straight year, the Oakland Raiders are joining with players across the NFL to wear custom cleats reflecting their commitment to charitable causes during this Sunday’s contest vs. the Tennessee Titans at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

The NFL recently announced that NFL players have the chance to share the causes that are important to them during all Week 14 games, as part of the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats campaign. The initiative is a culmination of collaborative work between the NFL and players across the league.

According to the NFL, “More than 900 players are planning to showcase their causes on-field during My Cause My Cleats games this season. Selected causes represent hundreds of different charitable organizations with varying focuses. Out of the total, 24 percent of participating players will represent causes related to health and wellness, 18 percent place emphasis on cancer awareness and prevention, while 17 percent of player causes were youth-focused.”

The Raiders again this year are taking it one step further and involving the entire organization. In support of the My Cause My Cleats campaign, Raiders executives and front office staff, Raiderettes, gameday and stadium staff will recognize the important charitable causes by wearing personalized footwear during the game on Sunday.

Quarterback Derek Carr, whose son, Dallas, was born with intestinal malrotation, will wear cleats that raise awareness to support Valley Children’s Healthcare and hospitals that offer help to families with children in need. Running back DeAndre’ Washington will wear cleats to address gun violence and to honor his late sister.

For the third consecutive year, the NFL celebrated Unboxing Day, a league-wide unveiling of NFL players’ Week 14 customized cleats, on Giving Tuesday, December 3. Beginning on Unboxing Day and continuing through Week 14 games, players are sharing images of their cleats and the stories behind them on social media, using the hashtag #MyCauseMyCleats.

The NFL recently announced that players can also raise funds for their cause of choice through auctioning their cleats via NFL Auction; 100% of funds raised will be donated to charities selected by players– all designated charities must have 501c3 status. Fans may bid on game-issued player cleats at and help players raise funds for their causes. In addition, fans can visit to learn more about each player’s cause.


24 Johnathan Abram Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome
54 Preston Brown Youth Development
77 Trent Brown Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
8 Daniel Carlson Pediatric Cancer
4 Derek Carr Children’s Health
85 Derek Carrier Global Aid Relief
6 A.J. Cole Mission Work
98 Maxx Crosby Pediatric Cancer
18 Keelan Doss Lung Cancer
7 Mike Glennon Prostate Cancer
90 Johnathan Hankins Military Appreciation
25 Erik Harris Youth Development
61 Rodney Hudson Autism
73 Mo Hurst Pediatric Brain Tumors
45 Alec Ingold Faith in Athletics
66 Gabe Jackson Autism
28 Josh Jacobs Homelessness
68 Andre James Testicular Cancer
42 Karl Joseph Breast Cancer
97 Josh Mauro Military Appreciation
74 Kolton Miller Children’s Craniofacial
27 Trayvon Mullen Jr. Help youth reach their full potential
22 Keisean Nixon Youth Education
75 Brandon Parker Fibromyalgia
13 Hunter Renfrow Critical Education and Health Issue
30 Jalen Richard Heart Disease
35 Curtis Riley Economically challenged students
72 David Sharpe Breast Cancer
47 Trent Sieg ALS
83 Darren Waller Fight addiction and fuel recovery
33 DeAndre’ Washington Gun Violence Prevention
59 Tahir Whitehead Childhood Education and Athletics
58 Kyle Wilber Suicide Prevention
16 Tyrell Williams Anti-Bullying
20 Daryl Worley Epilepsy Awareness

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