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City of Richmond and Volta to Offer Free Public Electric Vehicle Charging




For the first time in California, a local government is partnering with a private company to provide free charging for electric vehicle drivers without spending taxpayer money.

On July 29, 2020, the City of Richmond announced a partnership with Volta, the industry leader in innovative electric vehicle charging networks. Volta will provide the first free electric vehicle charging stations on a public right of way in California that are not funded by taxpayer dollars. The stations are located next to the BART parking garage at 1501 MacDonald Ave.

 “We are proud to power Volta, whose mission to accelerate electric vehicle adoption aligns well with our city’s priority of cleaner air,” said Mayor Tom Butt. “Available infrastructure is a critical factor in the shift toward electrifying transportation and we are eager to equip our community with utilities that support this shift, beginning with free public electric vehicle chargers at the local BART station.”
    Volta’s digital, place-based media allows forward-thinking brand partners to reach high-value audiences in historically unavailable locations while simultaneously driving the mission of sustainability forward.
    “Volta is dedicated to making electric vehicle charging more accessible and we applaud the City of Richmond’s Transportation Services Division for taking the initiative to provide free and convenient stations to its community,” said Scott Mercer, founder and CEO of Volta. “The additional measure of providing the infrastructure without using taxpayer dollars highlights Richmond’s innovative approach to a cleaner, electrified future and we look forward to giving its residents the experience of free charging.”

The City of Richmond embraces emerging technologies and public-private partnerships that can improve service delivery, meet community needs, and reduce resource consumption with the potential to foster key quality of life improvements across sectors. 

For more than a decade, Volta has been building a nationwide electric vehicle charging network to drive the world forward. Named after Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electric battery, Volta’s award-winning charging stations benefit brands, consumers, and real-estate locations by providing valuable advertising space to businesses and free charging to drivers. Strategically located in places where consumers already spend their time and money, Volta is creating the sustainable fueling network of the 21st century. 

 Headquartered in San Francisco, Volta chargers are currently the most utilized electric vehicle charging stations in the United States. 

 Christopher Whitmore is the chief of staff for Richmond Mayor Tom Butt.