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Black Owned Fashion Brand Launches During COVID-19




While many businesses are shuttering during the double pandemic, PSK Collective, launched online in August.  

Founded by legendary World Rugby Hall of Famer Phaidra Knight, PSK Collective is a “size-inclusive” (up to 3XL) activewear brand:  sweatshirts, tops, jerseys, dresses, jackets, and 

The PSK Collective is donating 15% of its profits to the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) a non-profit founded by Billie Jean King to help women and girl athletes. Knight also sits on the Board of Trustees of WSF.

The PSK Collective is all about “recognition, equity, and unity” for women in sports and through fashion in pursuit of sports and leisure.  

Born on the Fourth of July in 1974, Knight played basketball and tennis in her youth before going to college an HBCU, Alabama State University.  Later, while she was attending law school at the University of Wisconsin that she was introduced to rough and tumble sport of rugby. 

Eventually, she would play and coach the running game from 1999 to 2019, making three appearances in 2002, 2006 and 2010 when she was named USA Rugby’s Player of the Decade.  

In 2016, Knight became the first, and so far, the only, Black person inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame. Knight came out as a lesbian in 1997.  

She practiced law after graduation but wanted to give back to women in sports. Her strong and athletic build meant Knight — and other women like her — were challenged by what to wear during their athletic endeavors.

Her work with WSF, the need for inclusivity and equality inspired her to create the PSK Collective, which is also affordable. 

The brand is geared for Gen Z/millennials and accessible to all. Its ambassadors are diverse and include Akira Armstrong, dancer/choreographer; Naya Tapper, also a rugby player, and Aja Evans, a bobsledder. The clothing line is also meant to appeal to wrestlers, BMX athletes and para-olympians.

In addition to the PSK Collective, Knight, a New Yorker, is pursuing mixed martial arts, broadcasting, and acting.  

Knight will be featured in Halle Berry’s directorial debut, “Bruised”.

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