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Bay Area Writer On the Rise




Nancy LaRonda is a Bay Area native and a fiction and poetry writer on the rise.

The youngest of six kids, she turned to writing as a release and a form to get everything out. She received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz and later a Juris Doctorate from University of California, San Francisco.

< p>However, LaRonda never practiced law. She gained custody of her niece and nephew and raising them became her priority. Now, after working at the San Mateo County Probation Department, she is working to move her writing to the next level.

“Anticipation of Penitent,” a literary Christian Speculative Novel, was Johnson’s first publication. It was entered into San Francisco’s Indie Publishing Contest where it made it to the final round, gaining a lot of attention because of the mystery and murder involved.

However, it was the religious component of the story that disinterested the judges.

“I do like some grit in my writing, so it will depict that,” LaRonda said. “But it [also] shows how God influences it as well.”

While her writing still includes murder, violence, and everyday happenings of life, she says her stories show more focus, which is representative of her newfound knowledge of who God is.

“I realized there is no point writing just for fun. I love stories that focus on people transforming themselves psychologically and emotionally,” she said. “Even Malcolm X, who hated all whites, had that dramatic change.”

And her new book, “Salted with Fire,” is representative of those changes. The book is a collection of works by Johnson, which she says show the progression of focus in her writing.

With “Salted with Fire” she is hoping to break mainstream’s perception and stigma of works associated with spirituality.

“I don’t know why people think you can’t talk about struggle and have God be in it as well,” Johnson said.

She believes it is possible to discuss the excitement and difficulties of everyday life while still acknowledging your love for God.

Johnson says her goal is to one day write full time and later open up a distribution center for independent writers so they can still have their work published and read. .

For more information about Nancy LaRonda Johnson, visit her website