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The Good Life Marketplace Promotes Community Health




From left to right: Yakpasua Zazaboi/ owner of Sydewayz, Nathaniel Boothe-El/partner of Good Life Market, Catering & Events, Loren Taylor/City Councilmember of District 6, Chef David Benton/owner of Sugarsweet, Mandisa Fawemimo/partner of The Good Life Marketplace, Akilah Tanner-El/owner of Moor Luv Creations. Photos by Samira Snodey.

At the crossroads of Seminary and MacArthur Boulevard, The Good Life Marketplace is a re-established trading post for the community of Oakland.

The Good Life Marketplace was established as an offering of access to healthy food and household products to benefit directly the underserved neighborhood experiencing food apartheid (also known as a food desert.)

Offering access to healthy food and household products, The Good Life Marketplace was established to directly benefit the underserved neighborhood, which is experiencing food apartheid, also known as a food desert.

Access to healthy food, healthy products, and knowledge of self as a human right, The Good Life Marketplace strives to be in service to the healing to the community.

Community commerce is supported through consignment partnership and currently supports 11 melanated-owned, Black-owned, women-owned businesses.

Partnerships are growing every day and expanding to support youth projects and social enterprise led by youth from the community.

Besides food, items for sale include shea butter, black soap, crystals, copper jewelry, African clothing, protective masks, teas, herbs, and more, which are intentionally provided to celebrate the culture of Black people, while holistically supporting customers’ health.

The Good Life Marketplace is open from noon to 7:00 p.m., Wednesday- Sunday.  Follow on Instagram @thegoodlife.ce and Facebook.

Story courtesy of organizers of  The Good Life Marketplace.



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