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Steph Curry Sneakers Raise Funds for Oakland Fire Victims




By Darren Rovell, ESPN


A pair of game-worn Stephen Curry shoes sold for $30,101 on eBay on Friday afternoon, a record price paid for shoes of any player currently in the NBA. 

Curry wore the shoes—which feature graffiti-style writing that says “Oakland Strong”—on Dec. 15 in the Golden State Warriors103-90 win over the New York Knicks.


Curry2015PlayoffsThe shoes Curry wore while warming up before the game sold for $15,100.

Money raised from both pairs will go to the Oakland Fire Relief fund. The fund was started after 36 people died in a fire earlier this month at the Ghost Ship warehouse.

The initials of each victim are on Curry’s game-worn shoes.

Before the auction concluded, the fund had raised $547,096 toward a $550,000 goal, thanks in part to $50,000 donations each by the Warriors, Oakland Athletics and Oakland Raiders.


In 2014, a pair of shoes that Kobe Bryant wore at the 2008 Olympics sold for $37,740, a record shoe sale for an active NBA player.


The previous record for shoes of a currently active NBA player was $28,651, for a pair of LeBron James shoes from 2005. That sale took place in December 2015.


The previous high for a pair of Curry shoes was $10,780, paid in December 2015 for a pair of 2014 playoff-used shoes.


The highest price ever paid for a Curry item was a game-used jersey from last year’s playoffs, which sold in May for $39,000.


The most expensive purchase of a pair of NBA game-used shoes is $104,765, paid in 2013 for Michael Jordan‘s “Flu Game” shoes from the 1997 NBA Finals.



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