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CES 2017 Tuesday: CES Unveiled’s Smart Home, Wearable Tech, Focus




CES Unveiled is the Consumer Technology Association’s annual (CES 2017) press preview event, where many vendors (some representing startups, and other from established firms) present products so new they have not hit the market, and will not until the middle of this year. Because of that, CES Unveiled is a kind of real, live look at the short term consumer tech future. And by all indications, that focuses on something called ‘The Smart Home” as well as “Wearable Tech” (Zennie Abraham’s Zennie62 coverage sponsored by The Oakland Post and Sigma Technologies Global.)


Ok, we have to meet the wacky wacked CES Robat…




First, I define “The Smart Home” not as “a home or building, usually a new one, that is equipped with special structured wiring to enable occupants to remotely control or program an array of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command.” But a home that has electronically-controlled devices that can be enabled without touch. CES Unveiled was replete with such products, like Maximus Smartphone Connected Lighting For The Home #CES2017.



The light that Maximus’ Mark Honeycutt introduced is perfectly designed for homes in any place where home invasions are a problem. Say someone drives up to your garage door, but you can’t see them because of the layout of your home. The Maximus Smartphone Connected Light not only comes on when the person drives up, but turns on a built-in video camera and simultaneously calls your smartphone to alert you that someone has arrived, and shows you the video! This is a must have, especially in towns like Fayetteville, Georgia, where the elderly are rightfully fearful of unwanted visitors.





The Maximus smart light was joined at CES Unveiled by the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting For The Home. This is “completely connectable to any mobile device” and allows one to connect, for example, lights at home so that they can be turned on and off with a smartphone.





And still yet another Smart Home product was presented by Sengled and its Sengled Smart Lighting Company offerings at CES. The one presented in the vlog below is a blub that pipes music from your smartphone to a room via speakers and electronics built right into the blub itself. Not kidding.





Smart Home apps were matched in number by Wearable Tech products. The weirdest offering at CES Unveiled’s one I elected to not video or photo – a pair of shorts specially designed to “hold up” a man’s privates. As I walked into the ballroom at Mandalay Bay Hotel where CES Unveiled was being staged, there was some white guy modeling the shorts to what happened to be a small group of women standing near the entrance. I kept walking; my lady friend Nina told me about it later.



Much more tolerable was the Elancyl Anti-Cellulite app from France. The makers used a computer mouse design as the basis for something that is to be rolled over the areas on a body that have cellulite, while its rotors grab and lift the unwanted skin. Sensors built in to the mouse feed data to an output page containing charts and graphs of progress in the woman’s fight against cellulite.





Another neat wearable tech device was modeled by Miss Deaf Tennessee for Oitcon. It’s an internet-connected hearing aide that is barely visible to the eye. An Amazing product.





Then there were products that were not Smart Home or Wearable Tech, like the Klaxoon Presentation Training App. This product from the European Union was featured at Zennie62 on YouTube in 2016 when it had 15 employees – now it has over 100 in less than a year! Klaxon “is a collection of great ideas that facilitate interactivity within a group. Based on your content, you can propose simple, playful and effective activities: quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, live messaging, and other ways to engage students in training.





And then there’s the near-micro-devices of MOCACare, featuring MOCAHeart. MOCAHeart was the focus of a successful kickstarter campaign in 2014. It was was made by a group managed by Naama Stauber and Dr.Daniel Hong, formerly a doctor at National Taiwan University Hospital.





And we have the Immotor Electric Scooter Portable At CES 2017. This is something that would make Tony Stark proud!





Overall, CES Unveiled was, once again, a great window into the near-future of tech. Stay tuned for more from Zennie62 on YouTube and here at The Oakland Post.



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