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Marcus Books Hosts Producer-Writer DeVon Franklin




Oakland’s Marcus Bookstore was filled to capacity  on September 16th as excited guests waited in line to purchase best-selling author, DeVon Franklin’s latest book, “The Hollywood Commandments.” Subtitled “A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success,” the NY Times best-selling author penned strategies he’s learned and applied throughout his career and faith-filled life as a devoted Christian.

Franklin, an established Hollywood executive and native of Oakland was met with a combination of fans, old friends, family and church members. Franklin says he was raised in the church and throughout his journey he learned how to balance his professional life with his Christianity.

“I was inspired to write the book because I wanted people to know that you can still hold onto your faith and beliefs and be successful in my industry and anything you put your mind to,” said Franklin. “You don’t have to compromise who you are,” he said.

In blueprint fashion, Franklin outlines 10 rules to live by in the secular industry while maintaining your faith and beliefs. Subjects covered in the book include; identifying your talent and propelling your career, overcoming fear, gaining confidence and negotiating the life and career you deserve.

While addressing the audience, Franklin shared his enthusiasm for life, devotion to wife, actress Meagan Good and commitment to keeping a Sabbath day throughout his busy life.

As a sought after preacher, motivational speaker and success coach, Franklin says the book expressed his desire to help others reach their highest potential. “Many people told me I could not maintain my faith and still be a success in Hollywood, but I want people to know, God is bigger than Hollywood and your prayers don’t stop at the gates of Hollywood.”

Staying humble, trusting ones instincts and avoiding getting stuck in the past are other traits Franklin suggests. “For starters don’t just stop with prayer, take action after you pray.” Franklin also discussed the power of negotiation. “You don’t get what you are worth, you get what you negotiate,” he said.

Using his wife as an example, Franklin discussed the power of preparation, “so you are ready for all the opportunities that God has for you.”

Franklin shared that his wife, Meagan Good, sought action roles but was not working out at the gym to get in shape. When Franklin prompted her to work out and the studios saw her transformation, the action role opportunities began to flow.

“Because my wife prepared and did not just wish for a particular role, she will star in the up-coming television re-imagining of the iconic Foxy Brown for Hulu,” he said.

As a studio executive at Sony’s Columbia Tristar Pictures, Franklin became one of the highest- ranking African-American executives in the Hollywood prior to launching his own production company Franklin Entertainment. Franklin’s list of blockbuster films includes, “The Karate Kid,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and “Jumping the Broom.” Franklin is best known for “Heaven is for Real” produced on a $12 million budget and grossing over $100 million worldwide.

He also produced the hit inspirational film “Miracles from Heaven,” starring Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah. Franklin will make his animation debut this fall, with “The Star.” Franklin is also working on the remake of the classic 1975 film Cooley High; the high-profile reboot of the “He-Man” and “Masters of the Universe” franchise; and a pair of inspirational true stories The Impossible and The Boy Who Knew Too Much, which he’ll produce through his newly signed multi-year deal with 20th Century Fox.



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