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Dr. Howard Fuller to Discuss Options for African American Students




The Oakland Alliance of Black Educators, in partnership with Great Oakland Public Schools, will host the discussion, “School Options for African American Families”, with Advocate Dr. Howard Fuller, December 14th from 1pm – 4pm.

Dr. Howard Fuller was active in the 1960’s as a Black Power advocate. A community organizer in Durham, North Carolina, Fuller founded the short-lived Malcolm X Liberation University. He later served as the Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools, earning national recognition as effective champion of fundamental education reform.

An advocate for education equality, Fuller is the co-founder of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO).

Kareem Weaver, Committee Chairperson of OABE, said the goal of the discussion is to bridge community members and advocacy organizations, regardless of ethnicity, to advocate for the education of minority children.

“Only 32% of Black students in Oakland graduate with A-G credits,” said Weaver, noting the large number of Black students that graduate without the needed credits to even attend a Cal State school.

Students are then forced to attend a community college and get the necessary credits before starting at a 4-year college or university.

“As long as we are divided, its very easy to racial politics,” Weaver said. “We aren’t pro-charter or anti anything; we are pro our kids. “We want to ask the questions and get the answers so our kids [can be] successful.”

The event will take place at Claremont Middle School, 5750 College Ave, Oakland. Following the discussion, a reception will be held.

Childcare will be available in the school’s cafeteria and will be staffed by high school students and adult volunteers. Snacks and activities will be available.

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