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Stephen Ross, NFL Miami Dolphins Owner, Owns Land Next To Oakland Raiders Coliseum Stadium









Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, is the Founder and Chairman of The Related Companies. The Related Companies is a giant real estate development organization that specializes in luxury apartment rentals and for-sale condominiums. 



It and Mr. Ross also own a key piece of property that’s right next to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex – so close that it’s important to ask why can’t Mr. Ross help Mark Davis build a stadium in Oakland, and further assure that it remain in our city? (Vlog on Stephen Ross by Zennie Abraham at Zennie62 on YouTube.)




That property is something known to this blogger (who worked for two of the last five mayors of Oakland and for the Oakland Redevelopment Agency / Economic Development Department) for years – it was called Coliseum Gardens, and was once a proud “Hope VI” public housing development that rested next to the Coliseum BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Station, and the Coliseum Stadium Complex.




Now, it’s called Lion Creek Crossing, and, in 2012, was the focus of controversy. An excerpt from this IndyBay entry in 2012:




“Local reporters are being urged to ask, “What happened to the 178 poor mostly black Coliseum Gardens public housing families, that were originally displaced by the Lion Creek Crossings project? How did the 178 displaced public housing families benefit from this project?”




Currently, billionaire’s Stephen M. Ross and Jorge M. Perez of the Related Companies, are also involved in a nortorious project to take-over and privatize Berkeley’s 75 public housing town-homes. A project expected to displace all of Berkeley’s long-time mostly black public housing families, from their housing.




Jorge M. Perez, is known as the billionaire “Condo King” of Miami, Florida, because he has developed and owns so many condominiums in that region, through The Related Companies/Related Group. He is also known as a billionaire Cuban American real estate developer.”




Stephen M. Ross is also the owner of the Miami Dolphins NFL Football Team. Jorge M. Perez has been vice chairman and partner in the Dolphins ownership group until August 16, 2016. So, we have two billionaire NFL team owners who not only own property next to the to-be-redeveloped Oakland Coliseum land, but have the means to invest in the building of a new Raiders stadium on the property.




This information of Mr. Ross’ ownership of land next to the Oakland Coliseum has been known to a number of people in the San Francisco Bay Area, including one television network, and yet never reported. Why? Why are there people who know this information can help keep the Raiders in Oakland, and yet they don’t share it with the public and the rest of the media?




It also makes this blogger wonder what other hidden information involving the Oakland Raiders stadium issue is out there waiting to be discovered, and could dramatically improve Oakland’s retention efforts?




Stay tuned.

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