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Opinion: We Want Your Recyclables – Not Your Trash!




COVID-19 has added more strain to the recycling industry, which has been overwhelmed by recycling product bans and stricter quality guidelines due to the enactment of China’s National Sword policy.

As a premier recycling hauler in Northern California, California Waste Solutions has continued to invest in new practices, sustain solid waste diversion and material sales in the face of China’s new standards. We’ve distinguished ourselves by finding innovative market solutions for items not easily recycled as we continue to provide efficient, effective and excellent service.

We realize more time at home – away from work and school – creates more household waste, but trash must be disposed of in the garbage container.

Since the pandemic began, the amount of garbage found in our recycling bin has increased: food, garden and kitchen supplies and other non-recyclable items have nearly doubled, exceeding 50% in some areas.

Protective equipment such as face masks and gloves are also being thrown into the recycling container instead of the garbage bin, which places our employees at greater risk of injury and illness, devalues recyclable material and damages critical operating equipment.

Recycling remains an essential and sustainable community service. Our essential service relies on the health of our dedicated employees who collect and sort the materials brought to our facility. Placing empty, clean, and dry recyclable materials into the cart helps maintain the health and safety of our workers, and achieves our shared goal of a clean, sustainable community.

Oaklanders have strived to be excellent recyclers. That is why, we must all recommit to properly recycling and disposing of our waste into the appropriate containers: trash, compost or recyclingVisiting is a great site to learn more about Oakland’s recycling program and how to recycle right.

Remember, our collective work will keep Oakland clean, vibrant and sustainable: DO YOUR PART.


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