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Mistah F.A.B. Hosts 15th Annual Toys for Joy Christmas Giveaway




Mistah F.A.B. hosted his 15th annual Toys for Joy Christmas giveaway at 45th and Market Streets in West Oakland on Monday, December 24. Mistah F.A.B. says he always likes to give back in the neighborhood he grew up in.  “So to be able to leverage some happiness in this area is what my team and I want to bring to the community.”

With dozens of organizers including Mistah F.A.B.’s sister, the day included a DJ, a full Christmas dinner, a bounce house and lots of toys. Coats, covers, socks, blankets, food, toys, and “community love,”  were the key components of the event.

As a promise to his mother, Mistah F.A.B. (whose birth name is Stanley Cox) says he vowed to do good.  “That is a statement constantly given to us by my mother when she was living,”  he said.

“It’s our family”s  pride and humble honor to watch everyone come here with a smile on their faces. My daughter made the meatballs and my uncles, who double as bodyguards, ensure the day runs smoothly.”

“It takes a lot for a person to stand in line to receive something, so we don’t have people pre-register or have many rules. We just want everyone to come out because households with multiple kids feel the strain of the holidays.”

Invited guests also included MC Hammer and Klay Thompson among others.

As a year-round, philanthropist and entrepreneur Mistah F.A.B. also hosts backpack drives giveaways and donates hundreds of Thanksgiving turkeys annually. He mentors youth and has paid for entire classes of kids to view the film, Black Panther.

At his Dope Era Apparel clothing store on 1764 Broadway in downtown Oakland he employs several people of the community and displays a casual clothing line for men, women, and youth. The acronym D.O.P.E. E.R.A. actually means, During Oppression People Evolve – Everybody Rises Above. In true fashion, it is only fitting that the sportswear bear a variety of slogans with statements about fighting gentrification, impeaching trump or just being cool. “Don’t Sell Granny House – Fight Gentrification” is inscribed on a blue t-shirt.

His book,“D.O.P.E. E.R.A.”, outlines his mission to inspire others. “I wrote it in a way that you can randomly turn to any page and be reminded to keep pushing and never give up.”

Eleventh grader, Gabriel Thomas, who stands 6 feet 8” tall, visited with Mistah F.A.B. , and said “It’s inspiring to see a famous rapper sharing the Christmas spirit in the community.”

Feeling the spirit, Thomas picked up a 5-year old with a basketball, lifted him up to the basketball net to dunk the ball.

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