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Ministry Feeds the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Thousands a Month




The types of food they give away vary from day to day from chicken, milk, oranges, celery, potatoes,  can goods,  bread,  cheese,  onions,  rice, ground beef, and apples, etc.

No one is being asked to join the Ministry, where they live, or what kind of shopping cart or car they have.  The only thing being asked of them is to bring their own bags to carry the food and to not be hungry today.

Food is given every Monday and Friday from 2 pm until dusk at North Oakland Missionary Baptist Church, 1060 32nd St. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, they make deliveries to the elderly and physically challenged.

Pastor Jones also co-hosts a Christian radio show with a national audience of listeners called The Brew Crew weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 9 am PST. on kbrg/

Pastor Jones also said “It is very important that people register to vote and we are setting a goal to get 10,000 new registered voters from our radio show. We are partnering with the Make A Difference And Vote movement and their plan to get 20 million new voters by the 2020 November election.”

They have started their first phase of voter registration by asking people in their free food line if they are registered to vote and if not asking if they are willing to. Then they asked them to go to from their cell phones and get registered right then in minutes.

During Black history month their free events feature speakers, voter registration, and free servings of  BBQ, potato salad, green beans, and refreshments on.

February 28 and 29th from 11 am to 5 pm at Greater Grace Worship Center located at 1 International Blvd (corner of 107th ave.) in Oakland.

Partner groups and Ministries include: Arsolas Distribution & Housing-Candi Thornton McCreary, Loaves And Fishes-Shaaron Greenpeace, The Perfect Marriage Ministries-Pastor Ken Lackey, Greater Grace Worship Center-Pastor Don Phillips and Radio

Jones said, “Your family and friends never have to go to bed hungry again with ministries like these that are doing God’s work but you have to show up.”

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