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Daria Edgerly, First Black and First Woman Port Secretary




A recently announced appointment of Ms. Daria Edgerly as Secretary of the Board of the Port of Oakland brought a very sentimental pronouncement from her: “Please mention my grandfather, Leo Edgerly, Sr., who was one of the founders of the West Oakland Health Center and a soup kitchen at 32nd and San Pablo Avenue. He embodies our family’s commitment to serving our community. I am his legacy”

Ms. Edgerly grew up in a large, public service-minded family and said she’s thankful they are close by, because “sometimes I can take vacation days.”

The Port of Oakland, while a huge business enterprise, has only four “direct reports” to the Board. Edgerly’s office reports to the board along with the executive director, the Port attorney, and the chief auditor. She runs the office of the Port’s governing Board, and is responsible for notices of public meetings, compiling and publishing records of all Board actions, and assuring that all contract bids are received on time and opened in public.

Coming from the City of Oakland Planning Commission, Ms. Edgerly started with the Port in 2009, and served as interim secretary to the board for the last two years. Former secretary John Betterton, who served for two decades had hoped to be instrumental in selecting his successor before retiring, and he was.

“I’m gratified the Commissioners have given me this opportunity,” said Ms. Edgerly, an Oakland native and Cal State East Bay graduate. “And I’m pleased that women of color are given the opportunity to advance at the Port.”

The Port of Oakland oversees the Oakland seaport, Oakland International Airport, and 20 miles of waterfront including Jack London Square. Together with its business partners, the Port supports 73,000 plus jobs in the region, and almost 827,000 jobs across the country.

Daria Edgerly views this position as a permanent career appointment and said she feels honored to continue her family’s legacy of community service and community-building.

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