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Opinion: Why I am running for Richmond City Council




I am a longtime resident of the Iron Triangle and of the Richmond Community as a whole. In fact, I have lived in Richmond over 50 years.

I am running for Richmond City Council, District 1, because I have witnessed how our community has been left behind.  I am encouraged to fight for our community to make sure we get our fair share of resources, including public safety, economic development, grants, small business loans, youth programs, parks, and recreation.

I want to make sure that we can walk down clean streets. I want to stop the illegal dumping in our community that no one in public office seems to really care about. Have we really looked at the streets of the Iron Triangle? Have we seen the illegal dumping in Belding Woods? If we do not care, no one will.

Let us make a statement to City Hall that we care about the appearance of our community.

I am ready to serve our community on the City Council. My top priorities are safety for all, economic development, youth programs, and housing for the homeless. Your vote will help to determine whether we get what we have always gotten or something new and improved.

I am proud to be endorsed by The East Bay Times, Richmond firefighters and police officers, Laborers Local 324, BAPAC, BMW, Mayor Tom Butt, Vice Mayor Nat Bates, former mayor Irma Anderson, former councilperson Vinay Pimple, Trustee Mister Phillips, former trustee Elaine Merriweather, and many others.

I humbly ask for your vote this Tuesday.

Eleanor Thompson is a non-profit executive and candidate for Richmond City Council, District 1.