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White House Visit Number Three




It’s that time of the year again! The Giants are headed back to the White House to hangout with President Barak Obama. This trip never gets old because in order to receive such an invitation you must be a champion. That’s right, winning the Pennant in this case is the only way for San Francisco, who won their third World Series after defeating the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in game 7 last October.


“It’s going to be really cool to be back at the White House especially for our third visit,” said Giants manager Bruce Bochy. “Its a special time and special memory to be at the White House and celebrate what happened last year.”


The team makes their third trip to the White House in five years and despite recording their fifth consecutive loss today, nothing can take away the hard work put into last season. MVP Madison Bumgarner had a remarkable year and is one of a few players who have been fortunate to grace this trip three times. Former player Michael Morse will use the Miami Marlins day off to meet his ex-team in Washington, D.C for the honors.


“I’m excited about making that trip and would not miss it for anything,” said Morse when he faced his former team last month at AT&T Park. “We went through a lot during last season and to come out on top like that is special. It’s going to be good to see everybody again. I’m not sure what’ll be more special receiving my championship ring tonight or meeting the President of the United States in June.


While one ex-player returns, two are taking the trip who played against this championship team. Last year both Nori Aoki and Justin Maxwell were Royals players. Aoki was a key component in Kansas City’s success while Maxwell was not on the postseason roster but was apart of the organization. Despite San Francisco winning in only the even years both players still want the opportunity to win with such an elite team this year.


“At first I wondered if Nori and I should even go, but all the guys said, ‘No, you’ve got to come.’ It’s an experience you want to have,” Maxwell said.


True indeed, it’s a goal many dream about as a kid. So, any part of the trip is well worth documenting via by memory, pictures or smartphone. This also maybe the spark the Giants need to avoid a “June Swoon” month. They finished the month of May with the second best record in the Majors so a reminder of how good they were could help in Philadelphia for their next series . But for now, it’s time to relish in the path that led to their victory last October.


“To have the President honor you is a really great thing,” Bochy said. “And the players have a great time with it from 2010, 2012 and now. Players talk about it for days after and these are memories that you keep. We’re pretty fortunate to have this happen and we know it. Not many people are ever in this situation and we know it.”


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