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Stephen & Ayesha Curry’s ‘Eat. Learn. Play.’ Partners with Kaiser Permanente




Ayesha and Stephen Curry with food from World Central Kitchen

Kaiser Permanente provided a $1.5 million grant to Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s ‘Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation’ to provide meals to Oakland families.

The grant will allow for 150,000 meals prepared by local restaurants that are members of ‘World Central Kitchen’.

Eat. Learn. Play. was formed in July 2020 after schools closed in March because of the stay-at-home orders of COVID-19.

One in four children in Oakland are currently impacted by hunger/food insecurity.

“My relationship with Kaiser Permanente goes way back, so this in many ways is a continuation, a growth of our partnership, and Ayesha and I are so happy to be working with them . . . .” said Stephen Curry, co-founder of ‘Eat. Play. Learn.’  

“We’ve always known that food insecurity was a big issue in Oakland, which is why, ‘Eat’, one of our key pillars in the foundation was set in place.  We believe that food is power.  It brings families together – a vessel for communication, love and happiness, and we want to be able to show how food has an integral impact on people’s lives” Curry said. 

 “Kaiser Permanente is so pleased to partner with the Currys and support Eat. Learn. Play. which is stepping up to feed Oakland families while supporting local restaurants during this time of uncertainty and economic shutdown,” said Gregory Adams, Kaiser Permanent chairman and CEO. “What Stephen and Ayesha are doing is very special – they are really serving as young role models and leaders to make a true difference for Bay Area community health.” 

Penny Baldado, a native of the Philippines, is the owner of ‘Café Gabriela’ at 10th and Broadway in Oakland.  She is happy to be working and providing work for her employees after being shut down for one and one-half months.  She is also thrilled to be helping to feed Oakland residents through ‘Eat. Learn. Play.’

“The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our food system and magnified already-existing inequalities. . . .,” said Eat. Learn. Play Co-Founder Ayesha Curry.  “Stephen and I want all the work Eat. Learn. Play. does in Oakland and the Bay Area to be amplified nationwide.  That way, we can ensure our next generation has access to everything they need.” 

In total, ‘Eat. Learn. Play.’ and their partners, Alameda County Food Bank and Oakland Unified School District, have provided more than 7 million meals and are responsible for the return to employment of over 750 restaurant workers.

“The work of Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s foundation and their remarkable partnership with the City of Oakland is a shining example of what we know to be true about our city.  The Currys are really showing what it means to take care of each other, support one another and thrive together as a beloved community,” adds Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

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