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SCHOOL BUZZ: Stay Focused




Many people today are usually stuck in place, looking down rather than reaching up towards the goal line.


Otis Bruce, Jr., founder and organizer of the Marin African-American Professional Network (MAAPN), is constantly encouraging others to achieve.


“MAAPN believes in inspiring professional connections for better communities, businesses, education, leadership and success stories,” said Bruce. He is also the Marin County Supervisor of Volunteers/Student Interns of the Year, Mentor Coordinator and Mock Trial Coach at De Anza High School Law Academy.


Bruce is someone that always strives to inspire others. At De Anza High School, he teaches kids to be confident and how to present themself, and tries to instill in them the courage to be true to themself.


Young people today have the potential to achieve anything they put their mind to, if they take advantage of all of the opportunities presented to them.


“Take control of your destiny. Stay focused and be ready for when your ship may come in or leave,” said Bruce.


He assures the youth that it is okay to be yourself. Create a “happy day and happy life. Never give up and never quit,” he said.


By keeping students on track, Bruce motivates and inspires them to follow their passion and do what is right.


Bruce remains true to himself and continues to try to make a difference.


Now is the time for change. To bring that change, we all have to be strong and speak our minds, but remain focused. We should always be true to ourselves, and surround ourselves with positivity.


We must remember all of the things that bring us happiness in life. And, continue to work hard as we go down that road to become successful.


This is not the end of the incredible work that Bruce has done. He says he will continue to help bring a change for the future, and encourage people to be positive, intelligent, and influential.


“Stay true to yourself and stay focused,” Bruce said.



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