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Sam Taylor, Jr. – The Sports/Apparel Evolution Starts in Oakland




Sam Taylor, Jr., a former professional baseball player who distinguished himself as a good hitter who stole many bases while fielding well, has a fresh sports idea called TESH (The Evolution Starts Here) that is headquartered in downtown Oakland.


He credits entrepreneur and investor Tom Henderson for giving him an opportunity “to take something from nothing and create a footwear and apparel company.”
Henderson was impressed with his “concept to product” approach and backed him because “he works hard and smart and he has a business plan that will succeed because it considers the needs of all our youthful athletes,” said Henderson.
Henderson also told the Post that Taylor’s success offers hope for others, especially minorities, who want to enter the multi-billion dollar sports shoe and apparel business.
After Taylor was released from the Cincinnati Reds with two injured ankles, he heeded his father’s advice that he as the offspring should acquire education to “spring higher than what he sprung from.” With those words of encouragement from his father Sam Taylor, Sr., he enrolled in USF to study Kinesiology and scientific aspects to muscular performance.
Drawing on his parents encouragement to explore his talents as an artist, he also enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute to hone his craft as a designer. He cites the influences of the book “Born to Run,” which is based on foot anatomy.
He says, “Athletes must sacrifice, but some of those sacrifices you shouldn’t have to make. The growing intensity of the game has led to an increase in serious injuries that can knock you out of the game for good. No one should have to make that kind of sacrifice. You don’t spend a lifetime training for a sport to watch it from the sideline.”
“The game has evolved, our gear needs to keep up! That is why I started TESH.”
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Next week Part 2: Taylor and Henderson discuss TESH new Pro endorsers.



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