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OWH Studios Reopens to Train Videographers Thanks to OAACC Resilience Relief Grant




Photos courtesy of OWH Studios.

It is obvious in this day and time that anyone with a phone can make a video. But, it’s not so easy to parlay that ability into a viable job or career.

And thanks to the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce Resiliency Relief Grant, OWH Studios, Inc., will be able to continue its Television/Broadcast Digital Arts Media Training Program for at-risk students, young adults, returning veterans and senior citizens provides access to state-of-the-art, professional-grade video recording equipment, which has lead participants to viable employment.

Non-profits such as OWH Studios are important to the community that fills a void as a ‘quiet-storm’ that makes a difference in all lives.

But all of that came to a screeching halt in March with the shelter-in-place order brought on by COVID-19. Since then, all scheduled video/communication had to be canceled. Studio rental was prevented due to distancing and SIP requirements.

OWH STUDIOS INC. is grateful to have been a recipient of the OAACC Resiliency Relief Grant.  This award helped tremendously to sustain their overhead and infrastructure and provide breathing room to restructure their programs and move forward in compliance with rules and regulations as a result of this last six months of pandemic culture.

The program was founded by Bishop J.E. Watkins in 2006 and relocated to the National Historic Landmark Liberty Hall/Marcus Garvey Building in 2009.  Erected in 1877 and located in West Oakland at 1483-85 8th St., it has been the home of several historic organizations, such as the Black Panther Party, The Black Pullman Porters, and USO to Black Servicemen during WWII and the Korean Conflict.

Maintaining a teaching presence in the community has been a priority from the beginning and in this day and time more important than ever. Video and live-streaming have become the new gateways of communication.  The aim of OWH Studios is to teach on high-end equipment that will allow participants to seek a level playing field of employment or establish entrepreneur efforts and produce quality content.

OWH Studios has produced short promotional videos establishing the City of Oakland Office of Violence Prevention, video town hall discussion for seniors and hands-on training for the Alameda Country Probation Dept.’s Camp Sweeny as well as boot camp training for The Envision Academy Charter School.

Additional information about OWH Studios Inc. can be found on our web site which will provide links to our Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages. They can be contacted at




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