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OPINION – Who Dropped a Dime on 50 Cent? Ice Cube’s Platinum Plan Dripped Away




50 Cent and Chelsea Handler

As the elections and voting cycle winds down, we all just witnessed, with rapt attention, the unraveling of the premature, immature, and amateur rapture culture phenomenon of rappers 50 Cent and Ice Cube.

50 Cent, using the $400,000 income level taxing plan championed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as his excuse for endorsing Trump for President, soon discovered that he had fallen out of favor from his folks.

Somebody, maybe his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, dropped a dime on 50 Cent’s non-sensical rant in the face of Trump challenging him and Black America with his ridiculous claim that he was doing more for Black America than any President since Abraham Lincoln while asking Blacks, “What do have to lose by supporting him?”

Handler yanked him down quite handily and he flipped his own script and denounced Trump with a 4-letter expletive in the same flippant manner.

On the other hand, Ice Cube prepared a more thoughtful, scholarly treatise on the possible remedies to the Black community’s economic woes. Maybe it was naivete or the twitch-level expectation of the Twitter and ATM-style response expectations, but he got played by their pigeon-drop style of hustling his brand as an excuse to appear relevant on the Black side. His Platinum Plan is a good start, maybe he should develop some raps about financial literacy. Ice Cube’s plan melted down and dripped away from him.

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner bundled their overtures into the same bag with Kanye West and turned their reputations into a giant con.

But all is not lost. If they follow the path of the rapper Common and use their microphones to join with the Joy to the Polls music that encourages all Blacks to vote.

They ought to write raps that say, “Mr. President, you ask us what can we lose because you have done more than any other since Lincoln, then if that’s the case then why are you spending so much time, money and energy preventing us from voting?” You can sample Ludacris’s message as your coda: “Move Trump git out the way!”