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Noel Gallo Organizes Weekly District 5 Cleanups




Oakland has always struggled with illegal litter and dumping on its streets and graffiti on its businesses.

From dumpsites filled with old tires and ripped up mattresses and graffiti plastered walls, on some streets the excess waste becomes a common sight and in many resident’s neighborhoods. Council Member Noel Gallo, who represents the Fruitvale district, and his office are working to combat the problem by holding weekly Saturday clean ups in different areas of his district to combat the litter and graffiti concerns.
His message is simple: Clean street equal Safe streets. Luis Ortega, a member of Noel Gallo’s team, organizes the clean ups, the first one they held was in January and has seen an increase in community support since they began.

“For the last six months we have been organizing community clean ups in our district. Councilmember Gallo and his office would like to keep promoting a safe and clean Oakland,” said Ortega.

In 2006, a litter tax was passed by city council charging businesses $230 to cover the cost of paying crews to clean up the streets. But since then, there hasn’t been much improvement.

Councilmember Gallo attends the clean ups and works side by side with volunteers and community members.

“I see the need for residents to regain pride in their community and their city, and this is just the start of the change I believe we need in Oakland,” said Gallo.

For information contact Noel Gallo’s office at (510) 238-7005 or visit

Fernando Pauret, a student at Wesleyan University and Omar de la Cruz, a UC Santa Barbara student, are both summer interns with Councilmember Gallo.Fernando and Omar




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