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Jed York’s SF49ers CEO Press Conference Was A Disaster








Jed York, the SF49ers CEO, is holding a press conference that is a complete disaster – and about to be “was” a disaster. First, in firing Chip Kelly as head coach, and after just one season and posting a 2-14 record, and showing Trent Baalke, the general manager, the door, York has made the decision to hold a media event to explain why for the fourth time in four years. (Subscribe to Zennie62 on YouTube for more on Jed York.)




Jed York does this in a climate where, once again, he’s already all but destroyed in the court of public opinion. So now, appearing before the media is like throwing gas on a already hot flame. Now, it’s burning hotter.




Second, and in response to a question, Jed said “You can’t fire the owner.” Well, not exactly – a number of events can take place that cause “the owner” to step away from making management decisions. There’s also a blueprint for an owner keeping his hands off of an NFL team and watching them win: Clint Murchison and the Dallas Cowboys. So for Jed to make that comment was purely defensive.




Maybe it’s something Eddie De Bartolo would have said, but I’d bet Eddie D wouldn’t feel the need to meet the media every time he made a decision. Just do it and move on.




Jed York has to ask himself if, perhaps, he’s making decisions from a point of view that is perhaps too neurotic to be of any good in the future. You have to have some emotional shock-absorbers to be able to withstand and then repair organizational problems without tossing everyone just because of an argument. Jed has to ask himself if he needs to be a lot more calm in how he handles problems.




And not do a press conference to give the answer to that question.




Stay tuned.

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