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Intel Partners with Oakland Schools to Expand Computer, Engineering Programs




Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) celebrated a new partnership with Intel that will expand computer science and engineering offerings in the district and is designed to create a technology jobs pipeline from Oakland public schools to Silicon Valley.

Under the five-year, $5 million pilot program, Intel will help develop curriculum, train teachers, and provide mentoring and job shadowing opportunities to 2,400 students at McClymonds High and Oakland Technical High School, with the ultimate goal of sending 600 graduates from those schools onto college programs and careers in computer science and engineering.

“This collaboration is a model of what public-private partnerships can do to increase educational and career opportunities for students,” said OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson.

“We’re determined to graduate every student prepared for college, career, and community success, and providing students with access to robust career pathways is essential to realizing that goal,” he said.

The pilot program hopes to become a national model for technology firms looking to support computer science and engineering education and encourage a more diversified workforce, doesn’t end when the students leave high school.

The Intel Stay With It initiative also focuses on helping students attend and graduate from four-year colleges and universities, with the goal of filling gaps in Intel’s talent pipeline.

“The knowledge that this support exists and that the job opportunities are real and tangible will be a tremendous incentive to our students,” said McClymonds High Principal Tinisha Hamberlin. “Opening the door in this way will make a difference in the lives of students and their families.”

This Intel and OUSD MOU was announced at the recent Rainbow PUSH Tech 2020 event in San Francisco. The innovative initiative evolved as a result of extensive collaboration between Intel staff and the Oakland Education Fund.



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