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Greenlining Institute Hosts 21st Economic Summit, Empowering a New Nation




The Greenlining Institute hosted its 21st annual economic summit in Oakland this past weekend, themed “21st Century Majority: Empowering a New Nation.”

Founded in 1993, The Greenlining Institute fights redlining – the illegal practice of denying services and economic opportunities to people of color. Today, the Greenlining Institute is a national research, advocacy, and leadership development organization building racial and ethnic justice for a stronger and more sustainable America.

“The growing racial wealth gap in our country demonstrates that the economy needs new

Orson Aguilar

Orson Aguilar

models and new ways of thinking,” said Orson Aguilar, Executive Director, Greenlining Institute. “We need anchor institutions such as bank, utilities, insurance companies, hospitals and tech companies to ‘Think Different’ and make diversity a key element in their practices,” he continued.


The event highlighted the fact that majority of al babies born in the United States are of color and vast majority of new American households are of diverse ethnicities.


Tim Hanlon, President, Wells Fargo Foundation, was awarded the Big Heart Award. Hanlon was recognized for his self-sacrifice, compassion and a high level of commitment in meeting the needs of communities of color.


“We at Wells Fargo are pleased to help make Greenlining’s vision a reality,” said Hanlon, noting that Wells Fargo has since invested $500,000 to help Greenlining transform a failed bank building in downtown Oakland into its headquarters.


This year’s summit was dedicated to the late David Glover, one of the founding board members of the Greenlining Institute.


“David’s impact and contributions cannot be underestimated. The Greenlining Institute would not be what it is today without David’s tireless work and vision,” said Aguilar.



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