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Author Imani M. Glover re­cently published the “Glorifying Grace Prayer Journal.” During a showcase at the Just GirlTalk con­ference at the Oakland Airport Holiday Inn, Glover autographed books for women wanting a deep­er relationship with Christ.

“I created this journal as a way to assist people in their walk with Christ,” said Glover. “It’s de­signed as a tool for writing down prayer requests, scriptures while in church, and notes to use for any prophetic dreams or anything else.”

Through a series of scriptures and plenty of space to write, the book prompts the reader to docu­ment and date their prayers and answered prayers.

At a book signing last month at One Story building in San Le­andro, Glover’s publisher was on hand, Renata Gunn-Stevens of Sophisticated Press.

“I established Sophisticated Press to give others a platform to create legacies through their writ­ing. Working with Imani on her ‘Glorifying Grace Prayer Jour­nal’ was an honor,” she said.

Glover resides in the Bay Area with her husband, Cedric B. Glover, two sons, and a “bonus baby.” Her first literary endeavor included a collaborative work titled, “Before the Vows Break” which shares tales of triumph and gives advice to wives and wives to be.

Glover’s friend, Cassandra Weatherby says the book will help and heal a lot of people. “I’m really proud of Imani,” she said. “This book will really get people to reflect and see the value of prayer and God’s faithfulness toward them.”

Glover has not only inspired her readers to journal but her husband, Cedric B.Glover re­cently launched the “Glorifying Grace Prayer Journal Men’s Edi­tion.” “I am so excited to see my husband inspire men to pray and track their prayers,” she said. For more information visit imani­

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