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Festival Honors Oakland’s Underground Hip-Hop Culture




Hieroglyphics Imperium and Linden Street Brewery have teamed up to present the 2nd Annual “Hiero Day” on Monday, Sept. 2, Labor Day, from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Linden Street Brewery at the Port of Oakland, 95 Linden St. in West Oakland.

The free festival is designed to celebrate the City of Oakland, support local businesses, empower communities, and highlight the Bay Area’s internationally recognized underground Hip-Hop culture.

The event will have local vendors, food trucks, kids activities, and live performances.

The highlight of the day will be a performance by the famous Hip-Hop collaborative, the Hieroglyphics. The Oakland-based Hip-Hop group released several albums and collaborated with a laundry list of artists in the early 90s, becoming an influential force in the underground music scene.

The group recently released a new album, “The Recipe”, once again rejuvenating the underground music world.

“Hiero means sacred – so “Hiero-day” is a sacred day in Oakland. We are truing to commemorate the artistic excellence that comes from the Bay,” said Casual, a member of the Hieroglyphics.

As legends in the Hip-Hop music arena, Casual also says, the group is dedicated to giving young underground artist a platform to express themselves and “celebrate individualism,” which is the focus of the festival.

This week, Mayor Jean Quan proclaimed Sept. 3as “Hiero Day” in Oakland

“ The fact that the city s acknowledging Hip-Hop as a holiday speaks volumes [and] I look forward to Hip-Hop impacting the City of Oakland,” said Charles Johnson, a “Hiero Day” committee member.

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