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Coco Crisp Shines Bright for the A’s




When Coco Crisp is in the lineup, he gives a spark to the offense; and, that is exactly what’s needed for the Oakland’s A’s. But if you let him explain his contribution to the team, he says he is just doing his job.

Over the last three weeks the A’s have played good baseball and most of that can be contributed to work from Crisp.

“He means an awful lot to us,” A’s manager Bob Melvin said. “I said often when he’s playing well, we’re playing well. He’s the guy that gets us going, he gets on base and creates havoc. He gets big hits for us and is a very important player for us.”

Predictions around the league have many people, calling Crisp the team’s most valuable player. His ability to get on base, provide excellent defense, and lead by example is highly noted by both the teammates and the coaches; Crisp hasn’t committed an error in 88 games and now has an 116-errorless streak dating back to August 2012.

He has hit seven home runs in the last twelve games, three of which came in the last three home games. Crisp has even surpassed his career-high of 16 home runs in one season. But Crisp doesn’t revel in his accomplishment long..

“I have 17 stolen bases. I don’t care about home runs; if they go, they go. I’m grateful it’s a home run… it is what it is,” he said.

The reigning American League Division champs have a good chance to return to the postseason. Although they take it one game at time, Crisp and his teammates definitely have their eye on the prize – the 2014 World Series.



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