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Celebrity Chef Robert Stewart Takes the Culinary World by Storm




From Baltimore to the San Francisco Bay Area, celebrity chef Robert Stewart is living out his dream as he takes his culinary talents around the world.



He has been featured in magazines, radio and television shows, and recently made a guest appearance on OWN’s reality show “Raising Whitley” with comedians Kym Whitley and Luenell. Serving dishes such as shrimp cocktail lollipops, steak and chicken skewers, Maryland crab balls, fried chicken, butternut squash risotto and more, Stewart –known as Chef Stew – has satiated many appetites with his five-star cuisine.


The journey to get to where he is today started in Stewart’s hometown of Baltimore, Md., where he says his grandmother’s cooking had a lasting impression on him.


After graduating from Eastern Technical High School, Stewart obtained a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and a degree in Business Management from Essex Community College. He held over 35 jobs, from KFC to the Ritz-Carlton and Turner Broadcasting, during a time when careers in the food industry began to grow.


“I chose something that I thought would just be different. I just wanted to cook some food,” Stewart said.


He stayed his course, working for major corporations and restaurants as he built a network of contacts and refined his culinary skills.


“That was me saying, no matter what, I’m sticking with this. I just kept working. If you have a definitive aim to accomplish something and a desire for it to happen, then it changes your whole perception of life because you don’t get discouraged anymore,” he said.


In that spirit of determination, Stewart started his own web series, “Industry Soup”, hosting celebrity guests as they learned how to cook some of his appetizing dishes. The unscripted show gives an inside look into life in the entertainment industry as the Chef interacts with actors and entertainers who talk about their careers and upcoming projects.


“I wanted to take every food show on TV, twist it and make it my own,” said Stewart, who has hosted actor Darrin Henson, RL from the R&B group Next, comedian Luenell, and Michael Keith from the R&B group 112, on the show.


Taking his career even further, Stewart will also be competing on the show Guys Grocery Games, airing April 12 on The Food Network.


He motivates others to “Go after something with everything you’ve got, because there’s no telling where you could possibly end up.”


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