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Blackspit Art Series: From America Back to Africa, Featuring “The Blueprint”




During Black History Month, Artist BlackSpit and the Oakland Post will commemorate fallen leaders, civil right activists, and other important African Americans.


With a set of seven hand painted masterpieces, the artist will take us on an ingeniously illustrated journey narrated only by the artwork itself. Beginning with this week’s newspaper, then every other week, the Post will publish another of the painting in the series, “From America Back to Africa.”



Starting with “The Blueprint,” the first in the series, the artist take us on an expedition that begins in America and takes a trip back in time to Africa where it all began. These paintings will narrate themselves while helping us reminisce about some of the most familiar and notable faces in America.


The paintings are designed to strengthen the sense of community and encourage success in African American communities. It’s not just about remembering these faces and what they have done, but it’s about following in their footsteps and continuing their quests using the modern tools we have, our voices and the platforms that they did not have.


In this case, the artist is utilizing the visual fine arts to inspire. These masterpieces will help us reflect on our culture as well as African Americans who have contributed to the struggle of who we are, build our sense of pride and illustrate where we came from and how far we have come today.


We are happy to say that for a limited time 11” X 17” prints will be made available for your purchase at select locations. We encourage you to buy these prints because they are the beginning of a series of “collectables” that will occupy a special place in your home.


Each print will cost $20. A percentage of the purchase price will be given to select non-profit organizations, as well as helping to support the work of the artist.


Also, each purchaser of a print will be entered into a raffle for a large print (26” X 39”) of the original Blueprint painting. Another winner will receive a 20” x 30” Malcolm X print.


The winning tickets will be drawn on May 6 during artist BlackSpit’s exhibition at the Joyce Gordon Art Gallery, 406 14th St. in downtown Oakland.


Over the next couple of months, follow the journey with Artist BlackSpit “From America Back to Africa” In this seven painting series. Then, beginning May 6,, come and see the originals on display at The Joyce Gordon Art Gallery where you can also purchase larger artist prints for you living rooms and offices.

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