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Art and Race Conference in East Bay on June 3





Led by Ashara Ekundayo and Holley Murchison, the “Art & Race” conference will take place at Oakland’s Impact Hub, 2323 Broadway Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and June 4.

Termed a convergence of provocation, strategy and beauty, “Art & Race” means that visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and academics are coming together to reimagine the role that race plays in every aspect of our creative lives, the event organizers say.

From education, to gentrification and cultural appropriation, the goal is to engage each other in the difficult questions, breaking down barriers and re-thinking our futures together.

Inspired by Infinite Mile Detroit’s 2016 Art & Race Series, Art and Race will spend one-and-a-half days exploring the intersection of our creative lives and our racial identities through multiple lenses, they said.

It is an opportunity to share and understand history, question boundaries and examine choices.

After a welcome and libation by Ekundayo and Murchison, the June 3 opening plenary takes on philanthropy strategies.  “The Revolution of Being and Seeing is the title of Jeff Chang’s keynote address.

Marvin K. White is a poet and guest preacher.

Poet and minister Marvin K. White explores spirituality and art in “Wholly Holy: A Theopoetics on Decolonization, Intersectionality, Faith, Art, Beauty, Equity, Joy and Love.”

At lunchtime, there will be several teach-ins: “People of Color; Led Cultural strategies to Fight Displacement” with Eri Oura and Devi Peacock.

A panel on art and race with Wendy Levy and Kamal Sinclair tackles inequality through storytelling.

Musician and activist Angela Wellman is holding a session on Black cultural production using the impact of integration on Black college marching bands.

Dancer/choreographer Amara T. Smith, who takes her work to the streets, is featured in the “Choreographing Freedom: Case Studies in Site-Specific Performance” with Regina Evans.

DJ Davey D is moderating the wrap-up panel “Water and Fire & Race Politics from Standing Rock to Ghost Ship to San Pablo,” with Dorothy Santos, Favianna Rodriguez, Christian Frock and Jonathan Axtell.

The event closes on Sunday with a hike led by Rue Mapp of Outdoor Afro. Through immersion in nature, hikers of all racial identities and backgrounds are invited to address the violence in their past and present.

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