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Black History

Widening the Scope of Black History




Black History is history. It has been the history of the North American continent since a Black woman named Angela and others were brought forcibly from Angola to be enslaved and first landed in Jamestown Va., in what is now the United States in 1619. It is also the history of the African Diaspora, 55 countries on the African Continent alone.

It is diverse with intersections: Black and Jewish, Black and Queer, Black and disabled, Black and Latino aka Blatinx, Black and Asian, Black and Native American, Black and fill in the name of the country, America, Sweden, Germany. . .This history is certainly worthy of more than the shortest month of the year, even in leap year.

It has been said by many that Black History should be every day, moving beyond what was first Negro History Week, and then Black History Month to capture our all-encompassing history.

During Black History Month of 2017, my 60th year on this planet, I founded, a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, and an Amazon Alexa skill. Just ask Alexa to enable Black History Everyday.

As of 2/20/2020 there are 1,839 posts with nearly 10,000 visitors and 25,000 views. As the name implies it grows daily.
In this edition for The Oakland Post we note a few local politicians from Bay Area Black History.

These and others can or will be found at

Here are a few firsts: Oakland’s first Black mayor, Lionel Wilson, who was also Alameda County’s first Black judge; Berkeley’s first Black mayor, Warren Widener; Alameda’s first Black mayor, Marie Gilmore; San Francisco’s first Black mayor Willie Brown; San Francisco’s first Black woman mayor, London Breed; Kamala Harris, the second Black woman United States Senator; Ron Dellums Congressman and former mayor of Oakland; Barbara Lee was the first woman to represent the 9th congressional district in Alameda County; Alicia Garza, co-founder Black Lives Matter; and from the Black Panther Party, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Elaine Brown, and Ericka Huggins, first woman and first black person appointed to the Alameda Board of Education.

Just a tidbit, just remember
Kiki is steeped in Oakland and is the editor-in-chief and founder of, and the podcast KikiTalks.



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