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Tom Butt and Corky Booze: From “Good to Bad”




For years Tom Butt and Corky Booze had a nurturing and respectable relationship. But the Butt/Booze bond has bottomed-out. BAPAC vividly remembers a fundraiser held in support of Corky’s campaign for City Council in 2010 where Tom Butt enthusiastically introduced him with encouraging comments that had an indelible impact on Corky.

Booze, clearly teary-eyed over Butt’s boosterism, in front of more than 40 guests, beamed when he told everyone that he loved Butt, and if anyone thought about doing any harm to him, they would have to come through him first. Booze was proud to become part of Butt’s councilmanic voting bloc.

Despite all these early Booze betrothals of his beloved, blind loyalty to Butt, a blowout has occurred.

What happened that has motivated Tom Butt to send out hit pieces almost every other day denouncing his most loyal and devoted friend who had served him faithfully for so many years?

BAPAC will address this spoiled relationship starting next week. To keep this in the right context you need to understand our Mission Statement.

BAPAC’s mission is to work for the maximum effective representation of African Americans in the political and economic systems in Contra Costa County.

BAPAC strives to provide a forum for and participate in all important issues that affect the health, public safety, and wellbeing of its communities, including but not limited to improved educational, economic and political empowerment. BAPAC will work cooperatively with any person or organization that shares its mission. For more information, visit our “What’s Happening” weekly newsletter, or email us at:



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