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Shawn Granberry’s Watch Now Networks Uses Technology to Launch






Shawn Granberry, CEO of Watch Now Networks, Inc. is using his technology company to change the game of content creation and delivery on a global plateau. By leveraging the Over the Top Broadcast model, he plans to help move trends from the bottom up and empower the very people the movements originate from – urban environments.



“People no longer wait for content to come on television, people can now choose when and where they want their content delivered,” he said. In the age of millennials (13-35 year olds), Granberry says through social media fans are in direct contact with artists.



“Through the use of Over the Top Broadcast model, you bypass the traditional broadcaster with mobile devices like pc’s, tablets and cell phones,” he said.



Granberry says WNN will design the first niche network, “”


“We will combine high quality content, our access to major music video libraries, red carpet interviews and live events with much of the content directly from the epicenter of the trends.”



In addition to networks, WNN will deliver closed circuit content to venues like night clubs and other entertainment arenas. “With an overlay of technology guests to make purchases on the spot and we can deliver content – creating new revenue streams where coolness and cultural experiences can be purchased right from the artist.”


“We will begin generating new opportunities in urban markets that have yet to be created and our launch of Hip Hop TV in January from Times Square with all notable hip hop icons invited – is only the beginning,” he said.



The Oakland native and avid researcher says his plan has been 10 years in the making and in spite of some major setbacks, his leverage of entertainment and technology will “make billions and employ thousands.”



Granberry also says WNN will create multiple networks in a variety of industry using the same video platforms used by ESPN and closed circuit technology created by Cisco.



With 25 years of entertainment behind him, Granberry says he began his journey in the industry while in high school with his mother serving as CEO of his uncle’s production company 2-Tuff-E-Nuff Productions. Through 2-Tuff-E-Nuff’s hit making success with artists such as Toni, Tone’, Tony, En Vogue and Madonna, Granberry was given a front row seat in the music world.



As a student at Saint Mary’s College High School, Granberry and close friend Shakir Stewart, dominated school politics and hosted parties for thousands. While attending UC Berkeley his entertainment work escalated into popular club nights and concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beyond college he and Shakir took their success to the next level producing events like, Def Jam’s “How To Find A Mega Star.”



Granberry always knew his friend was destined for success and it was no surprise to him when Shakir succeeded Jay Z as the lead of Def Jam Records. Always in motion, Granberry also teamed up with famed movie producer Robert Watts at Transformer Entertainment responsible for producing movies like” Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies.” “


While working with Shakir and Watts, I began my broadcast research and once I went back to school (UC Berkeley) I launched WNN,” he said. With the untimely death of Shakir, who suffered the side effects of sleeping aids and committed suicide, Granberry’s mission was on hold, but not his dreams or vision.



“Shakir was a great friend and we had big plans for the entertainment industry – plans I am now ready to execute,” he said.



Watch Now Networks sits in the same place Bob Johnson’s BET sat in the early days of cable television. “Our first network is launching in the early days of Over the Top Broadcasting – we know what happened with BET,” he said.


Granberry’s passion for entertainment is just as strong for underserved youth. As the founder of The Scholar Athletic Union and Bears Youth Basketball with help from his childhood friend Jason Kidd, he and has served 200 youth in three years.

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