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SCHOOL BUZZ: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way




Brother Will is an individual who has been through a lot, but will not let anything deter him from moving forward.


As a former Howard University student and also a club promoter during his free time, Will wants to make a difference in the community.


He has been heavily involved in music culture. “I am a leader, promoter, activist, and entrepreneur. I use to rent clubs and throw parties, had DJs such as Biz Markie who performed with Jay-Z, and other radio DJs who are now stars,” he said.


His involvement in music was not only fun and entertaining, but it kept students and young people off the streets.


Brother Will is creating an avenue to provide entertainment as well as a route towards success. “I try my best to be in as many activities as possible to make this United States a better place. I’m making a change,” said Will.


He understands the challenges in place to reach success in the entertainment business. There are meetings, networking, and some deals that may not be the best for an artist to express their talents. Brother Will wants to prevent that from happening.


“I am trying to make and develop the best entertainment company in the world. I am trying to promote the best music, record label, and anyone that wants to be a singer or rapper can contact me,” said Will.


He believes that everyone should always strive for success and have the strength within them, and realize the potential that they truly have to be successful.


Brother Will is a strong man that will always uphold himself. He wants the best for everyone and wants to help them reach their goal.


He said, “I am looking for the extremely best entertainers and we are going to spread our message to millions. This is going to happen. I am going to change the world with my music. I am going to make this a reality.”



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