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Results of the Marin Housing Authority Resident Council Elections




The Marin Housing Authority recently announced the results of the Resident Council Elections.

The Council at Golden Gate Village will be Adriana Campos, Beverly Freeman, Nicole Dorhan, Raymond Williams, and Royce McLemore. Homestead Terrace Council will be David Greenfield, Marilyn Sparks, Mary Ware, Michael Harper, and Ora Hatheway.

The Council at Kruger Pines will be Donna Sanchez, Patricia Nordin, Scott Mackintosh, David Johnson, and Joy Black-Mack.Casa Nova’s Council will be composed of Gale Darby, Jane Singer, Joan Martin, Patrick Duckett, and Veronica Cardoza.

Each resident council will consist of a governing board of five (5) residents from each housing development where they will serve for two years. Elected members will now convene to organize their Governing Board. The elected residents will be acknowledged at the next meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

The Marin Housing Authority congratulated the new representatives on their success and acknowledges their commitment to participate as a collective voice of the residents.


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