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Opinion: COVID-19 — a Test and Warning to the Faithful




Richard Johnson is an inmate at San Quentin State Prison. K-53293, 3.W.2


For those of us who still believe in the word of God and what it stands for, the time for earnest reflection is at hand.

This COVID-19 pandemic that confronts the entire world is merely a repeat of history.

And it’s not the first calamitous contagious disease with such devastating catastrophic world shuttering destructiveness.

What is new is the coronavirus’ timing that caught everyone by surprise.

Yet, the truth be told, it has been written that in the last days the world would be engulfed with ruinous losses on a scale as never seen before.

The fight to conquer this pandemonium could ultimately bring the world to its knees.

Nothing ever happens in a vacuum, because the Holy Bible speaks to how this event was destined to occur and it reminds us that we’re on the wrong side of life.

Because of the world’s insanity, God has no other option except to remind the people that evil can’t evade consequences and accountability.

When humanity disobeys and continues down a disastrous path, virtually in opposition to what life was meant to be, then correction will be meted out as needed.

God, being the Benevolent One, administers an exact punishment for the people who have repeatedly ignored his teaching. It matters not what faith, creed or color, for on a global scale, His power will reign supreme.

Whether one is a Democrat, Republican, believer, non-believer, Christian, Jew, or Muslim, everyone is being held to answer. No one is beyond reproach, for we are our brother’s keepers, across the land.

The self-reliant initiatives taken by some should be applauded, however, until they get down on their knees, asking for forgiveness while showing through action, that the wrong path that has been pursued, was wrong, then it will be pointless to ask God for his mercy.

A political play based on who can out-do who or when to shift blame to whom, all is foolery and nonsense with no place in what is happening in the world today.

Amends must be made with the real shaper of life that controls the destiny of man.

Is it that difficult to recognize the cause and effect that has befallen us? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the world is being punished. Everybody is being held to answer.

This so-called war is all about our minds, hearts and souls. The virus is just an instrument or weapon.

The awakening, the social distancing, the quarantines and the vaccines all have limitations.

There’s but one solution — the restoration of the presence of God in the lives of people.

The pandemonium is also causing an upsurge is buying guns, but it will only result in more chaos. The battle for good over evil ultimately rests with us all.



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