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M. Lisa Bowie-Moon, 56, Skyline Graduate Passes With No Regrets for Her Life




Lisa Bowie-Moon was born on August 13, 1964, in Oakland, CA. She is better known as Lisa and Li to her family.

She is the second daughter of six between the union of Wilma Jean and John F. Moon. Both were from Monroe, Georgia and both are deceased, including their first daughter, “Baby Darla,” who passed shortly after birth.

Lisa had an interest in all that life had to offer to name a few, she loved and supported the performing arts. She played and owned her own clarinet, participated in the yearly Christmas Pageants, owned her own bowling ball with shoes, pool stick with case and did all kinds of ballerina performances. As a Skyline graduate, Lisa went on to acquire her AA from the East Bay Community College and then her B.A. at Almeda University with a major in Accounting. Lisa Mastered the art of accounting and financial competencies and statements.

Lisa met her future husband, Michael A. Bowie on July 19, 1983. They kept running into each other over the course of several years, always picking up where they left off, even after forming their union. At one time they worked in the same building on the same floor, but for different companies.

Lisa’s biggest joy and interest were the uprisings of the youth.  She had a natural “motherly” gift of both wisdom and compassion toward bringing out the best in children. She helped rear five children, none of them were her biological children. She would up left the relationship between parents and their children. She had countless positive influences with children throughout her lifetime. Lisa had a heartfelt talent of giving a perspective that would maintain the growth and integrity of each individual child regardless of their situation and circumstances.

On June 8, 2000, Michael and Lisa made common law commitment to each other. Michael put her on the real property, Lisa changed her name to M. Lisa Bowie-Moon and each did a ring exchange. They became inseparable throughout the challenging conditions both collectively and individually, as well as their respective families. Coincidentally, his family was from Monroe, Louisiana.

In November 2012, Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to go all organic and change her fast-food lifestyle. She acquired a team of holistic and traditional doctors. This was with the full support of her husband. Lisa never let cancer stop her from moving forward. She would never give the cancer power by saying “my cancer,” but rather “the cancer” or “the ‘c’ that should not be mentioned.” Lisa had fought and recovered from several illnesses, including an operation to remove 16 fibrous cells of various sizes. They were blocking her uterus and causing severe bleeding. This caused other related problems which she struggled with and also overcame.

On Nov. 12, 2013, and once the last child reached 18 in July of 2013, Michael and Lisa celebrated a reunion of vows and officially married at the City Hall of Alameda. The Mayor presided over the ceremony, four of the reared children, families, and numerous friends present. The City put the wedding on their website that is currently the most viewed. They continued with a one-horse carriage ride around Alameda and then to the reception at Pasta Pelican. The owner added special appetizers and salads beyond the agreed menu. There were volunteers playing the harp and guitar. There were students from Berkeley giving them a traditional “Mayan” spiritual union in “Aztec” costumes. There was a special cake with cupcake sidings presented to them at cost.

Afterward, there was a limousine ride to Treasure Island with picture-perfect evening weather. There was an extremely bright Northern Star looming over their heads. The scene looked more like a backdrop when they took the pictures together. Days later they set off on a 5-day cruise with a stop at their favorite place the Catalina Islands.

Prior to the wedding, they had an African Mindful-Drumming session with family and friends. The famous Kokomon Clottey from Ghana leading the session. He and his family had known the couple many years prior.

Lisa greatest business interests were in the field of accounting technologies. After many struggles in the employment systems, Lisa became proactive, innovative and highly influential, while surpassing demanding performance goals and deadlines. She then formed her own business called NMRK, Inc. She specialized in Quick Books and was quickly referred to as “QBQ”, Quick Books Queen. She became so popular in her area of expertise, that one company flew her to Long Beach. Then a helicopter ride to Avión Hospital in Catalina to straighten out their several years of neglected accounting. She received outstanding financial rewards, praises, befriended an East Indian woman who assisted her, and saved the hospital account for the company. Michael joined her on the second day of the seven-day assignment.

Lisa was rightfully convinced, upon study and actual proof within her own daily life, that All of these talents and more, were enhanced upon practicing “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo”. Lisa then joined the SGI-USA, a Buddhist Lay Organization and practiced in Coliseum District alongside her Myoho Brothers and Sisters. Over time she introduced her entire Family. Even her estranged relationship with her father changed for the better. He and her brother attended discussion and study meetings. Lisa gladly dedicated her accounting skills and resources to the SGI and their youth division.

Lisa’s last station of employment was a Senior Staff Accountant for ConnectED. The National Center for College students entering into careers and HS students entering into college.

Lisa passed and transitioned on Feb. 27, 2020, with her husband at her side caressing her arm and chanting “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo”, two brothers by the foot of her bed, and children coming from various parts of the USA rushing to her side.

Lisa leaves to cherish her memories: her husband, Michael A. Bowie, her siblings, Melissa Moon-Brown, Ursula Moon, Marc Moon, Lance Moon, Jeffrey Moon, Aunt Linda, Uncle Jimmie, Cousin Kris, Aunt-in-law, Romona Bowie-Mitchell, Sisters-in-law, Unikka Moon and Phyllis G. Bowie, Children: Chris Stevenson, Porsche Bowie, Anthony Bowie, Olivia (Livy) Evans-Pittman, Nicki Evans-Pittman, several Nieces and Nephews and numerous friends.