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In Hate-Filled Times, How Do Christians Cope?




Pastor Phyllis Scott

Make no mistake, this is the season of HATE, and the effects of this season are great.  Anxiety, migraines, fear and depression are on the rise.

One may find it hard to trust one another, hard to fellowship with those not like yourself for fear of scorn or deportation.  In this climate of hate, one might pose some serious questions to Christians.

What are the churches doing to combat this season?

Specifically, where is the love, empathy and support that is preached Sunday after Sunday?  Why haven’t we seen more religious leaders speaking out against such hate?

Why haven’t we seen the Black churches reach out and embrace Latino and Hispanic churches and, conversely, why haven’t Latino and Hispanic churches embraced Black churches?

Where is the body of Christ?

Where are the believers of God who should be coming together in love while living in this season of Hate?

The answer is as simple as it is complex: Unresolved pain.

If we, the believes of God, have not resolved our own pain, worked through our own spiritual, and emotional traumas, how can we serve others?  If we have not been able to speak truth to power and cry out beyond our make-up and nice clothes?  If we’ve sat in the church Sunday after Sunday, listening to sermon after sermon, sermons filled with excitement and hope and yet when we leave church we leave the same way we came in, “broken,” hurt and filled with pain.

Until the believers of God work out our own soul salvation, until we deal with the traumas in our lives, we can’t be that light needed in these dark and perilous times.

It’s time to move from “Pain to Purpose” where you can not only rise above the traumas in your life but find purpose and live purposefully in Christ Jesus despite it all.  It’s time, to lose the shackles from your life and move into a life filled with purpose.

It’s time to move from “Pain to Purpose: Renewing a Hurting Generation for the Glory of God.”

For more information on the Moving from Pain to Purpose movement contact Pastor Phyllis Scott at (510) 688-7437 or read our upcoming articles right here in the Oakland Post.  The Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries Church is located at 7801 Edgewater Drive in Oakland.  Sunday services are at 10:45 a.m.

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