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Good Day Cafe

Good Day Cafe is a black-owned business located in Vallejo,Ca



 Good Day Cafe is a Black-owned cafe  located at 304 Georgia St. in Vallejo. Their hours are from 7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Good Day Cafe serves Southern-style breakfast and lunch meals. They offer online orders, dine in, and delivery. Visit their website to learn more information and follow their instagram @gooddaycafevallejo


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Barbara Lee

Historic Child Tax Credit Will Start Delivering Checks to East Bay Families in July, Barbara Lee says

The expanded Child Tax Credit will provide $3,000 for children ages 6-17 and $3,600 for children under 6. For the first time, families can receive the credit in monthly payments starting in July. Nearly all working families are eligible for the payments, even those who have not filed tax returns.



Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

On Monday, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13) began to urge East Bay families to apply for the new Child Tax Credit – a provision of the American Rescue Plan that will start delivering checks to eligible families as soon as next month.

Congresswoman Lee held a press conference Monday at the Unity Council at 1900 Fruitvale Ave., in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood to provide information about the tax credit and the application process.

“Even before the pandemic, 2 out of 5 people in this country – about 140 million of us – were poor or low-income, just $400 or less away from financial ruin,” Congresswoman Lee said. “It doesn’t have to be this way. Poverty is a policy choice, and we can choose to end it. This historic tax credit is one step towards dismantling poverty in America and ensuring the basic needs of all children are met.”

The expanded Child Tax Credit will provide $3,000 for children ages 6-17 and $3,600 for children under 6. For the first time, families can receive the credit in monthly payments starting in July. Nearly all working families are eligible for the payments, even those who have not filed tax returns.

Experts say the tax credit could lift more than 5 million children out of poverty and cut childhood poverty in America in half – if low-income families who don’t usually file tax returns are aware of the credit and apply. Eligible families that already filed returns for 2019 or 2020 will automatically get the credit. However, more than 3 million children live in households that are at risk of missing out on the payments if they don’t apply.

Parents can sign up at The site will ask for social security numbers for the parents and children, a reliable mailing address, and an email address.

In Lee’s East Bay district, an estimated 108,600 children stand to benefit from the tax credit. Congresswoman Lee’s press conference is part of a national Child Tax Credit Awareness Day announced by the White House to spread the word about the tax credit and encourage families to apply.

Alex Katz is a communications director in Rep. Barbara Lee’s press office.

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Bay Area

Richmond, CA Launches First Bikeshare Program

New, robust, e-bike fleet will expand access and transportation options for residents, the underserved,
commuters, and visitors.



Photo Courtesy of BOLT Microbility

(Richmond, CA, June 16, 2021) – The City of Richmond, California, is teaming up with Bolt Mobility (Bolt) to launch the city’s first bikeshare program, with an all electric-assist fleet of e-bikes. Starting this week, 250 e-bikes will begin coming online, and continue over the course of the summer, integrating with and enhancing the local transportation system.

“Richmond is perhaps the best city in the Bay Area to get around on a bike. We have more San Francisco Bay Trail than any other city in the Bay Area. Our commitment to health and mobility has led to the development of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge bicycle and pedestrian path, Richmond Greenway, Richmond Wellness Trail, Yellow Brick Road, and more,” said Richmond Mayor Tom Butt. “I look forward to residents riding Bolt’s e-bikes to the Ferry Terminal to get to San Francisco, to the Richmond Transit Center to catch a train, or to one of the many community assets that will now be just a short bike ride away.”

The e-bikes are similar to standard bicycles, but with an electric motor that provides a subtle boost, helping riders increase distances with less effort (and sweat). The e-bikes are comfortable, ergonomic, and include a spacious basket for errands and a cable lock for security. Riders can access and return the e-bikes at conveniently located transportation hubs, which are designed to prevent e-bikes from cluttering streets. Hub locations at the ferry terminal and BART stations conveniently extend the transit system from home to office, helping reduce commute times.

Payment plans are available, as are options for people who do not have access to credit or debit cards. Through sponsorship from 511 Contra Costa, the unlock fee for the pay-as-you-go plan will be waived for up to five rides to encourage new riders to try the program. In addition, the Bolt Forward program offers reduced rates to qualified individuals on government assistance. Bolt will also provide free helmets to riders, upon request. Other safety features include pedal-assisted acceleration, rather than a throttle, and a speed cap of 15 mph while on the Bay Trail.

Riders will be required to download the new “Gotcha Powered by Bolt” app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. The app is integrated with the MTC Clipper Card system, so users without a smartphone can still access the e-bikes.

“Richmond is building for the future,” said Bolt CEO Ignacio Tzoumas. “Through this partnership, we can leverage Bolt’s technology to help reduce pollution, improve congestion, provide transportation to the underserved, and shorten commute times.” The program is made possible in part by a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Bike Share Capital Grant program, aimed at expanding bicycle access and facilitating bicycle transportation in connection with transit. MTC manages the Clipper transit-fare payment system in partnership with Bay Area transit agencies.

About BOLT Micromobility

BOLT Mobility is a transformational personal transportation company committed to ensuring access, equity, and quality of life through micromobility. Co-founded by eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt, BOLT Mobility is revolutionizing the way people move and experience their communities and travel to and from employment. Through partnerships with municipalities, universities, and local ownership, we are advancing smarter infrastructure and thoughtfully integrating sustainable and accessible transportation options into the neighborhoods we serve, helping communities thrive. Learn more at

City of Richmond Media Contacts
Denée Evans, Project Manager
(510) 621-1718

Christopher Whitmore, Chief of Staff, Office of Mayor Tom Butt
(510) 620-6527

Bolt Media Contact
Dan Kaplan, Laurel Strategies

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Bay Area

Pastors of Oakland, Oakland Police Expanding Community Chaplaincy Program

The program is seeking clergy with cultural competency to meet the needs of Oakland citizens who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist – especially in Asian, Latino and African American communities.



Pastor Phyllis Scott is president of Pastors of Oakland. Photo courtesy of Phyllis Scott. By Post Staff

In preparation for building up the Community Chaplaincy Program with the Oakland Police Department (OPD), the Pastors of Oakland (POC) is looking for potential chaplains to serve  citizens in the worst of times.

According to Phyllis Scott, pastor of Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries and current president of Pastors of Oakland, OPD Chief LeRonne Armstrong is looking for at least 30 men and women to accompany officers to help victims of crime and their families who are in crisis.

The crises can range from homicide to sexual assault, to domestic violence, to car accidents and more.

Community Chaplains must have the ability to serve believers and non-believers alike and “must advocate for healing regardless of faith,” Scott said.

The program is seeking clergy with cultural competency to meet the needs of Oakland citizens who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist – especially in Asian, Latino and African American communities.

Not all Community Chaplains must have a religious affiliation. Professionals like teachers, caregivers and healers who have several years working in community may also serve.

Though Scott feels that some cultural values can be taught in the training, it’s not so easy to teach a language, and so bilingual chaplains will also be in demand.

“We are looking for people who have heart for Oakland,” she said.

Lt. Aaron Smith, who is assisting Chief Armstrong in expanding the program, agrees. Currently, there are 15-25 chaplains on call but “not all are willing to go where emotions are running high,” he said.

Once the details are hammered out, dates will be set for training, Scott said, who was herself certified to do this work in 2009. The training, six weekly sessions, will include instruction by specialists familiar with the emotional states of people who are in shock because of a homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking “without interfering with law enforcement,” Scott said.

Typical needs are help with planning a vigil, getting the body of a victim out of the morgue, finding a church or a place to hold a funeral that isn’t too expensive. Once those issues are dealt with, the family can freely grieve, and then they can begin to heal.

Scott cited an instance where a boy was shot to death, and the family and community, fearing reprisal, were essentially afraid to grieve openly. That’s where the chaplaincy came in, joining forces with OPD so the young man was funeralized safely, Scott said.

OPD and Pastors of Oakland want chaplains who are located in all parts of the city, roughly East Oakland, West Oakland and North Oakland. Once contacted by OPD, a ‘beat’ captain will call on the chaplain or chaplains in that area who have agreed to be available day or night.

Besides the city streets, Scott would like to see Community Chaplains at Highland Hospital, which is where many trauma victims are treated and where further violence against victims can be perpetrated as when gang members try to kill someone who survived an attack.

Scott said she is bracing for an escalation in violence, not just because it’s almost summer, the most dangerous season of the year, but because homicides were already alarmingly high so far this year, despite the pandemic.

Last month, there were four homicides in one week: two 17-year-old boys were shot to death, and the next day two teenaged girls died when a party bus was shot up by more than one assailant as it traveled from the freeway and ended up at 73rd and MacArthur –  just a few blocks from Scott’s home. She wished she could haven there.

For those interested in learning more about the Community Chaplains, please call Pastors of Oakland at 510-688-7437.


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