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Chris Tucker Delivers Laughs at the Paramount




Actor and Comedian Chris Tucker floored the audience Saturday night at the Paramount Theatre.

Known as “Smokey” in the comedy “Friday” and “Detective James Carter in the “Rush Hour” film series, Tucker kept the audience rolling in laughter during his one-man standup comedy show. Nothing was spared. Ranging from dating and family life to impressions of other celebrities, the jokes kept coming.

In the media for tax evasion and owing the IRS millions of dollars, Tucker was proud to have recently worked things out with the IRS but says he grew tired of the media’s attention on it.

During his show, Tucker delivered in a storytelling fashion, dishing on everyone including himself.

“Madoff didn’t take my money,” he said. “I spent it on Ferraris and everything else. And that’s the last time I have Ron Isley and Wesley Snipes help me with my taxes.”

Tucker joked about family life. “When my parents split up and my dad moved out, we thought it was great, because the house was too crowded anyway.” Tucker said when his father tried to reconcile and move back in, he told his dad, “Hey, be strong.”

Tucker recalled being in trouble in school so often, he became cool with the principal. He said the principal enjoyed the snacks he’d share with him when his behavior landed him in the office. “On days I didn’t get into trouble he was mad, because he was missing those snacks. And I couldn’t get into more trouble, because if they called my mother, the phone was cut off.”

On dating a white woman, Tucker joked about differences. “She made sure I was on time everywhere, took me to Starbucks and enjoyed role playing. It was cool until she wanted to role play, 12 Years a Slave.”

Impressions of singers Anita Baker, Toni Braxton had the audience singing along. Singing Frank Sinatra’s “Luck Be a Lady,” he seemed to have the most fun with.

Tucker’s show was 90 percent clean with minimal cursing. Respectfully, Tucker paused for a moment of silence in honor of fellow comedians Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.

Tucker performance on Def Comedy Jam, co-starred in the 1995 film “Friday” with co-star rapper Ice Cube. He co-starred and executive produced “Money Talks” with Charlie Sheen and appeared in “The Fifth Element.”

In 2006 he negotiated an unprecedented $25 million salary to appear in “Rush Hour 3,” which at the time made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. In 2012 he appeared in “Silver Lining Playbook” with Robert DeNiro.

Through his Chris Tucker Foundation, Tucker assists the disadvantaged, advocates for South African youth and supports the improved quality of life for those infected by HIV/AIDS.