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California Voting 101 – Where to Cast Your Ballot and How




All California voters should have received their ballots in the mail for the Nov. 3 elections to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

If you have not received your mail-in ballot you can track the status here (  You can also get alerts to find out if your ballot is accepted or need any further action.

You can also still register to vote online until September 19:

You can register to vote in person through Nov. 3.

You can change your address or registration status online here:

You do not have to have a home to vote: for more information.

To vote, fill out your ballot with blue or black ink.  Sign and seal and mail, no postage required. Make sure your signature matches the signature with DMV or where you registered to vote.

You can also drop off your ballot at an official drop box location:

Alameda County:

Contra Costa County:

Marin County:

San Francisco County:

Santa Clara County:

You can also drop off your ballot on Election Day or at any early voting site.

Finally, if you choose to vote in person rather than use your mail-in ballot, bring it to a polling place.  This will prove to the polling place that you have not voted and prevents you from being given a “provisional ballot” which does not get counted immediately because of additional review requirements.

Please vote as your life depends on it because it does.  Make a plan and vote.  And talk to at least one other person and ask them about voting and their plan.

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