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Shonda Scott, CEO of 360 Total Concepts, Shares Stories of the Bay Area’s Unsung Heroes




Shonda Scott is the creator and CEO of 360 Total Concepts, a management and marketing company headquartered in the Bay Area, providing businesses with program management in communications, contract compliance, logistics and general support. Scott has been successful in providing public relations and management assistance to school districts, television stations, and public officials from New Jersey to California, and has offices in Oakland, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Tanya Dennis:  Can you share your background and how you came to develop 360 Total Concepts?

Shonda Scott: I am second generation business owner in Oakland. I graduated from UCLA with my sights to one day own a business. Twenty years ago, I started my first business, a gourmet coffee house in Las Vegas. It was a blend of politics, arts and coffee, before Starbucks came to Vegas.  In 2006, I founded 360 Total Concept with the intention of being part of the solution, the link between business and the community. The name 360 Total Concept represents completeness, the answer/solution. Our tagline is “360 turning concepts into reality”

Dennis: Please share a few of the highlights of your career and achievements.

Scott:  I thank God daily, sometimes two and three times a day for each blessing. The highlight of my career to date is being able to shine a spotlight on others through the shows my company produces, “Spotlight” with Shonda Scott, and “OAL Great Moments.” I love being able to share beautiful stories about unsung heroes in the Bay Area with the world. The highlight of having creative control is I am able to mentor young people and incorporate them into our production team.  Having young people at the table is as much a blessing for me as it is for them. I give them wisdom and experience, and they keep me tech-savvy in this ever-evolving world.

Dennis:  What are your future plans for the company?

Scott: To continue to do transformative work in every industry and community we touch and to continue to keep God first. As for the TV show, we plan to do a big launch this fall that will allow us to reach over 4 million homes throughout Northern California, in addition to our worldwide social media presence, and our local home on KDOL (Ch. 27/Comcast Oakland). My brother and I have original scripts based on our family that we’re working on for TV and film. So stay tuned.

Dennis:  I understand that you will be receiving yet another award for your work on July 29.

Scott:  I am so honored that East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC), an organization I love and respect, wants to recognize me for the work I love, shining a spotlight on young people so they shine. The award is called Champions for Youth, and this year I will be recognized, along with some notables in the community who have inspired me most of my life such as Father Jay Matthews, Angela Glover Blackwell, Daniel Boggan, and Sandra Andrews. These are the people I grew up admiring, and now to be honored alongside of them is a true blessing. The event is on July 29 and is the annual fundraiser for EOYDC.




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