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SCHOOL BUZZ: Corey Mason is Spreading “One Love”




If you step into the classroom of Corey Mason at El Cerrito High School, it seems like you have entered another world filled with teaching, learning, engaging and enjoying the positive energy at growth.

It is a place filled with colorful art and enthralling quotations, where music is felt through a radio studio of wonder. Photographs of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. speak a thousand words. Paintings of Albert Einstein leave you in deep thought.

School is not just the curriculum you study; it is also the path that your mind takes to engage in making a difference. Mason is also the founder and director of the award-winning worldOne radio station and worldOne festivals.

“I aspire that my works, daily labors, add something positive, useful and beautiful to the life of our nearby community,” said Mason.

Life is a journey; all you have to do is follow your passion. Mason has learned throughout his life experiences a way to reach and teach others, as well as learn from them.

“Along with the City of El Cerrito, artists, a small team of dedicated professionals and a stalwart group of volunteers, we produce the annual worldOne festival,” he said.

WorldOne was created to encapsulate all forms of art and music to spread the spirit of “one love”. The real inspiration is Mason’s selflessness to celebrate others instead of celebrating himself. This is one step towards change in society.

“Ultimately worldOne media will help to invite all participants of all generations to participate more openly, deeply and broadly in all of our richly quilted and interrelated ethnic stories,” Mason said.

“It has been a long and winding road. Life, my life, has been full of wonders and signs, and all the joys and pains and sunshine and rain of being human,” he said.

We are all a part of this planet, so how about we all love each other. The spirit of love should register with everyone because love trends. As it trends, it spreads. And as it spreads, love will encompass the world. Then the world will thrive, and a positive change will be felt.



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