It’s a New Day at AIMS: Investing in the Future of Oakland – One Student at a Time

AIMS K-12 College Prep Superintendent Maya Woods-Cadiz with an AIMS student.

As a multi-generational Oaklander, former OUSD administrator, student and parent in Oakland’s private, traditional, and charter public schools – I am proud to have a 20-year career serving Oakland kids.

Today, I continue that legacy as Superintendent of AIMS K-12 College Prep Charter District.
It’s a new day at AIMS. Next year will be our 25th anniversary. We have evolved and continue to improve to support the families we serve today.

Our students reflect the diversity of our surrounding downtown/Lake Merritt community: 55% are Asian; 25% are African American; 14% are Hispanic/Latino; 4% are white; and 2% identify as Other. Seventy-five percent of our students qualify for free and reduced-price lunches (their families make less than $36,000/year for a family of four).
AIMS K-12 College Prep provides high quality public education that helps these families break the cycle of poverty. In 2017-2018, AIMS was the only middle school in the Bay Area recognized by Innovate Public Schools for closing the achievement gap for low-income African American students in English and math.

This year we are being recognized again as one of the top 52 public schools for underserved students in the Bay Area. The rate at which our high school students meet or exceed state tests is twice that of what many people consider the top public high school in Oakland, despite our serving a much lower income community.

The local African American-led blog “Great School Voices” has called our elementary school one that “Black Families Should Consider Based on the Latest Data.”

We believe investing in our students is an investment in Oakland’s future. We pay for college applications and SAT/ACT prep. Every student takes AP classes starting in their freshman year. We set high standards because we know our students can achieve them. One hundred percent of our graduates are accepted to top universities across the nation.

We often have to remind people that we are Oakland, too. Our families live and pay taxes here.
Our teachers are Oaklanders just like those in OUSD schools. There’s a reason charter schools like ours have flourished: we provide safe, rigorous, and successful places for children of all backgrounds.

Check us out online at to learn more about how it is a new day at AIMS.


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