Holistic Health Practices Aimed at Preventing Cancer


The term holistic health has been bandied about for many years with many people preferring to call it Alternative Health, which suggests something other than what holistic truly means.

With traditional, allopathic medicine dividing the body into parts or “specialties” like heart, bones, etc., some people prefer the description, ‘Alternative,’ which gives an innocuous meaning and usually refers to chiropractic, massage or acupuncture. It does not provide the actual truth about how bodies function holistically.

It doesn’t take into consideration that the body is an electrical system that communicates with all of its parts. The real explanation of holistic is the balance of mind, body and spirit with the attributes all working together.

Assuming our systems don’t operate as a whole can be likened to the fact that the same medicine can be administered to millions of people knowing full well that all of us have different metabolisms and DNA. It makes no sense.

In the last few centuries, we’ve been trained to be cut off from our natural environment — The Earth — our feelings and how much we’re connected to nature’s calming attributes. We’ve not accepted the idea that an imbalance in the emotions or our spirit has as strong a voice as physical pain or that disease can manifest from an anxious mind or unhappiness. We tend to block these things out of our consciousness, yet, our minds greatly influence disease.

Recognizing the need to eat purely grown food from the earth, Max Gerson was the first to test how foods reacted in the body, coming to the conclusion that a vegetarian diet was the most healing. His daughter Charlotte, who now runs his cancer clinic in Mexico says, “Emotions play a significant role in the cause of cancer. If someone comes to us to heal their cancer, I make sure both the husband and wife come together. There’s always one who gets the cancer and one who causes it. If they won’t agree to counseling, I refuse to take them as patients.”

Futurist Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project designs his ecological cities by studying the human body. Understanding that we need clean water and air and the calming trees and plants that nature provides, his cities are purposely created to enhance the symbiotic relationship between man and the earth.

Nature has everything we need to heal ourselves. If we buy organically grown foods without pesticides and become educated about the healing attributes of the herbs and plants that nature provides us, we will begin to treat our bodies directly from the earth, instead of using drugs that target only specific areas often causing devastating, long term side effects.

The fact that we have lost respect and spiritual connection to the earth has caused the environmental catastrophes we are now experiencing. It’s difficult to avoid cancer and disease because the earth itself has cancer. Restoring the idea that we must have this important balance of mind, body and spirit is necessary not only for own healing, it’s important for the survival of our planet.

Lexie Ross is a civil rights and peace activist who began her career as a journalist in Georgia in 1981. Ross’ passion for finding natural, pain-free cures for cancer led her to pioneer the first articles in Atlanta about the dangers of aspartame, fluoride, pesticides, vaccines, electronic pollution and other toxic additives used in our foods and cosmetics. She also produced her own Health Frontiers Radio Show. She teaches the necessity of eating organically grown greens and vegetables cultivated in enzyme-rich, organic soil, along with the benefits of taking vitamins and herbs.  She has written a handbook, The Hidden Truths About Preventing Cancer.


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