Alberta Roary Celebrates 90th Birthday with Family, Friends and Church Members


Alberta F. Roary celebrated her 90th birthday on Sept. 7, with her family, members of the First Missionary Baptist Church and the Marin City community.

About 200 people attended Roary’s birthday party, which packed the Senior Center. The party was decorated in red and black, the colors also worn by Roary’s friends and family members.  Everyone enjoyed themselves as they wished Roary happy birthday, socialized and ate dinner.

The party ended with everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to Roary, and dancing to the music.

Some wrote birthday messages to Roary.

Jamal Graham wrote “Granny Alberta, I just love this woman. She has loved me all my life.”

Roary’s baby sister Jo wrote “My sister, beautiful caring and lovable person. I truly love her.”

Rondall Leggett, the pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church, which Roary attends, wrote “Mrs. Alberta Roary, the ultimate mother of the church, of the community, a model citizen and a God-fearing woman who loves her family and community.”

Florence Williams wrote “We all love Alberta. She is a treasure in the community. Happy 90th birthday.”


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